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Removal and replacement of the Breast Recess Pillow Pad is easy. Watch a demonstration of client beginning in supine and moving to prone position and then vice versa.

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Breast Recess Tables –

IMPORTANT** Please note that breast-recess or XL size options are typically add-ons to the base … Master Massage EVA PREGNANCY Portable Massage Table.

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Nirvana 2n1 Massage Table - Removal and Replacement of Breast Recess Pillow
Nirvana 2n1 Massage Table – Removal and Replacement of Breast Recess Pillow

주제에 대한 기사 평가 massage table with breast recess

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What is the extra hole in a massage table for?

Face Port and Plugb A Face Port is a built-in recess or hole usually on one side of a massage table that is meant to cradle the client’s face when he or she is in the prone position. The Plug is a piece that fits into the Face Port to cover it when the Face Port is not being used.

What width massage table is best?

The industry standard width is 30”, as this suits most clients very well. While we do offer 28” tables, they are best suited to therapists who are shorter in height and are at risk of back strain with a normal table.

What are beauty tables called?

Whether you call it a vanity, dressing table, makeup vanity, vanity table, cosmetics vanity, or cosmetics table, makeup tables have a lot of benefits.

What is a Reiki endplate on a massage table?

Summary: 1. Reiki end plates on a massage table provide more comfort for the therapist while he sits as the ends are designed like a “U” and the knees can be accommodated under the table.

What is the face hole in a massage table called?


A face hole or breathe hole is a hole cut into the top of one half of a massage table. This traditional method of construction can be quite uncomfortable, and many clients find them claustrophobic.

Can you use regular sheets on a massage table?

Massage sheet dimensions are typically smaller than traditional twin-size bed sheets. For a professional look, we recommend using sheets sized specifically for massage tables.

How do I prepare for my first massage?

Here are some tips for your next massage.
  1. Stay Hydrated. Being well hydrated before your massage is very important for the elimination of toxins that are released into the body’s circulation during treatment. …
  2. Eat Lightly. …
  3. Take a Hot Shower. …
  4. Dress Comfortably. …
  5. Arrive in Advance. …
  6. Communicate your Needs. …
  7. Relax during the massage.

What should I look for when buying a portable massage table?

7 top tips for buying a portable massage table
  • Types of tables. The first factor to consider before purchasing a portable massage table is the type of table that is most suited to your practice. …
  • Finding the right weight. …
  • Consider comfort levels. …
  • Feel the upholstery. …
  • Getting the dimensions right. …
  • Table frame. …
  • Use it yourself.

Can you sleep on a massage table?

This position will almost certainly cause problems over time in the form of joint, muscle, and nerve issues. So, unless you happen to have a massage table with a face cradle as your bed, sleeping face down is out.

What is a vanity table?

The vanity table has been dubbed many titles throughout its history including: toilet table, dressing stand, dressing table, and vanity. Early dressing stands included a folding top, cistern, and a basin drawer for light bathing and removal of cosmetics. Their widespread use was normally reserved for society’s elite.

What is a beauty bed?

Beauty beds are a basic piece of equipment in every beauty salon. They are used to provide your clients with high-quality treatments, and additionally an appropriate level of comfort.

Are pregnancy massage tables safe?

My short answer is no. Although when you’re pregnant it seems like a miracle to be able to lie face-down, those so-called pregnancy massage tables ultimately do not serve you well, and can actually cause injury to your body or even your baby.

Massage Glossary: Helpful Massage Terminology and Definitions

Massage Glossary: Helpful Definitions and Descriptions

Auto Lock Leg & Frame System

The Auto Lock & Frame System, built into our portable massage tables’ legs, frame and cables, allows you to set up your portable table automatically and quickly. Simply unclasp the locks, open the table, extend the legs, set upright, and you’re done. No other assembly required!


Ratcheted Backrest:

This manually adjustable backrest has eleven height options. To raise the backrest, simply lift up on it until it reaches the desired height, release it and it will lock into place. To lower the backrest, first lift up on it until it reaches its highest position and then gently guide it downward until it is completely horizontal. If you wanted to go back to another incline position, lift the backrest to that height.

This manually adjustable backrest has eleven height options. To raise the backrest, simply lift up on it until it reaches the desired height, release it and it will lock into place. To lower the backrest, first lift up on it until it reaches its highest position and then gently guide it downward until it is completely horizontal. If you wanted to go back to another incline position, lift the backrest to that height. Pneumatic Backrest:

This manually adjustable backrest raises and lowers smoothly with the power of gas pressure. Simply engage the backrest lever and manually guide the backrest up or down. Lock the backrest into place by releasing the lever.

This manually adjustable backrest raises and lowers smoothly with the power of gas pressure. Simply engage the backrest lever and manually guide the backrest up or down. Lock the backrest into place by releasing the lever. Motorized Backrest:

This adjustable backrest raises and lowers with the help of an electric motor located on the massage table. Simply press the backrest “Up” or “Down” arrow on the massage table’s pedal or remote to engage the backrest. Release the button to keep the backrest in place.

This adjustable backrest raises and lowers with the help of an electric motor located on the massage table. Simply press the backrest “Up” or “Down” arrow on the massage table’s pedal or remote to engage the backrest. Release the button to keep the backrest in place. Manually Adjustable Backrest:

The manually adjustable backrest construction is similar to what you’d find on an adjustable-back lawn or beach chair. To adjust the height of the backrest, simply raise or lower it to the desired position and place the bar (located underneath the backrest) into one of the grooves on massage table.


Basalt is a volcanic rock formed from the rapid cooling of lava. Basalt is often used for hot stone massage therapy because of its ability to retain heat well (Basalt contains magnetic iron) and its ability to deliver healing minerals to the body through the skin. Our basalt stones are obtained from Peru, considered by therapists as the best source for stones for hot massage.

Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils are oils derived from the fatty portion of vegetable plants. They are oily to the touch and do not evaporate quickly. Often Essential Oils are too potent to apply directly to the skin so they are diluted in Carrier Oils to create Massage Blends. Carrier Oils gets their name because they “carry” Essential Oils to the skin during a massage. Examples of some Carrier Oils are: grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, apricot oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil. The different types of Carrier Oils can range in consistency, shelf life, price and therapeutic benefits. We offer a wide variety of Certified Organic and All Natural Carrier Oils. See Essential Oils in this glossary for more information.

Carrying Cases

We offer the following free Carrying Cases with our portable massage tables and massage chairs.

1. The Standard Carrying Case includes a non-padded shoulder strap; there is no side pocket.

Eco-Basic BodyChoice, Eco-Basic Special Edition BodyChoice, Eco-Basic BodyChoice Package, Eco Classic BodyChoice, DuraLite BodyChoice, Versatile Compact BodyChoice, Feldenkrais BodyChoice, Complete Ayurveda Package Deal

2. The Deluxe Carrying Case includes a padded shoulder strap and large side pocket.

Flattop Pro BodyChoice, Ayurveda BodyChoice, Premier BodyChoice, Starter Home and Student Package

3. The Standard Traveler Carrying Case includes a non-padded shoulder strap; there are no side pockets. Openings in the bottom accommodate wheel option. Extra handle located on the top corner to roll with ease.

AirLite BodyChoice, Multi-Purpose Deluxe BodyChoice

4. Pro Traveler Carrying Case is made with four generously sized pockets that let you easily store and transport accessories like pillows, blankets, mats and bottles. Includes a padded shoulder strap and built-in wheels.


5. The Oval Deluxe Carrying Case is oval-shaped and includes a padded shoulder strap with no side pocket. Extra handle located on the top corner to roll with ease.

Oval Deluxe BodyChoice, Oval Deluxe BodyChoice Package

6. The Custom Craftworks Carrying Case includes one large pocket and a padded shoulder strap. The pocket gives you more than enough room to bring everything you need.

Custom Craftworks Heritage Table, Custom Craftworks Luxor Table, Custom Craftworks American Made Athena Table, Custom Craftworks American Made Athena Pregnancy Table

7. The Custom Craftworks 36″ Carrying Case comes with three pockets and a padded shoulder strap. One of the pockets is large enough for a full 8″ round bolster, and another is sized for lotions and oils. More than enough room to bring everything you need!

Custom Craftworks American Made 36″ Wide Feldenkrais, Custom Craftworks American Made 33″ Wide Omni Table

Disposable Paper Rolls Disposable Paper Rolls are made from strong, absorbent material. Also called exam table paper, these rolls are similar to the paper used in physicians’ offices. Our Disposable Paper Rolls are wider than most exam paper, making them ideal for waxing treatments and suitable for massage. Double Lock Leg Adjusters Double Lock Leg Adjusters are the two nuts and bolts that are on the legs of some of our massage tables that are responsible for adjusting the tables’ height. Some of our other massage table competitors have only one leg adjuster on their massage tables, but we have two! The Double Lock Leg Adjusters ensure that your table is doubly secure and stable.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the liquid extracts of the aromatic portion of plants like the seeds, bark, stems, roots, and flowers. They are called Essential Oils because they contain the essence or scent of the plants from which they are derived. Essential Oils are highly concentrated and are often diluted in Carrier Oil in order to safely apply them to the skin. Essential Oils have many therapeutic effects and have been used as healing agents for centuries. Some popular Essential Oils include lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree. We carry a wide variety of Certified Organic or All Natural Essential Oils.

Eyeglasses and Jewelry Pouch

The Eyeglasses and Jewelry Pouch keeps your clients’ personal belongings safe while they receive massage or bodywork treatments. The removable pouch attaches to the headrest of the massage apparatus with velcro so clients can see their belongings at all times.

Face Port and Plugb A Face Port is a built-in recess or hole usually on one side of a massage table that is meant to cradle the client’s face when he or she is in the prone position. The Plug is a piece that fits into the Face Port to cover it when the Face Port is not being used. Because a Headrest makes a massage table longer, therapists typically use a Face Port instead of Headrest in order to conserve space. Our massage tables which are available with a Face Port and Plug also come with a Headrest so clients and therapists can choose the method of positioning they prefer.

Fitted Sheet

A sheet with elastic edging that is tailored to fit and stay in place over a massage table. A fitted sheet for a massage table is used to protect the table from oil, dirt, and residue while providing a soft surface for the client to lie on.


A soft, 100% cotton fabric that is thickly napped on one side due to a double-brushing process.

Flat Sheet

A sheet with no elastic edging that is meant to cover a client during massage.


We offer the following Headrests free with our massage tables, massage chairs, and desktop and bed supports.

The Ergo Headrest which is adjustable, has a curved rather than flat faceplate, and is accompanied by an ergonomic face pillow that contains Memory Foam. The ergonomically designed faceplate and Memory Foam pillow are designed to fit the face’s contours and avoid pressure from building up on any one point for the ultimate in client relaxation. This headrest is included free with some of our portable and electric massage tables as well as our Ergo Deluxe BodyChoice Chair and Deluxe Desktop and Bed Support. See Memory Foam in this glossary for more information

The Standard Headrest which is adjustable, has a flat faceplate, and is accompanied by a standard face pillow which is made up of high-density, small-cell foam. This headrest is included free with some of our portable and electric massage tables.

Standard Fixed Headrest which is not adjustable has a flat faceplate. This headrest is sold separately from our portable massage tables.

High-Density, Small-Cell Foam

Our high-density, small-cell foam is used as the padding for most of our in-house BodyChoice massage tables and massage stools. This foam is comprised of tightly spaced cells of foam that create a firm, yet comfortable surface. High-density, small-cell foam is very durable and meant to retain its shape for many years. This foam does not break down easily like other lesser-quality foams. The high-density, small-cell foam is available in different thicknesses on our massage tables and in regards to firmness, falls in between Multi-Layer Earth-Cell Foam (the most firm) and Multi-Layer Foam (the most soft). Generally massage tables with thicker foam tend to be more comfortable for larger clients while those with thinner foam offer more resistance for bodyworkers specializing in modalities like Feldenkrais.

Multi-Layer Earth-Cell Foam

Earth-Cell is what Custom Craftsworks calls its flexible “green” foam. Earth-Cell is a flexible bio-based foam that is an alternative to petroleum based polyurethane foams. American Excelsior developed this environmentally friendly polyurethane used in Custom Craftworks’ American-made massage tables and massage stools. It is made of renewable-based bio-polyols which are derived from vegetables. Earth-Cell is a green polyurethane. By using it instead of petroleum based foams, you help reduce dependency on fossil fuels and energy demand, and help create a smaller environmental footprint. Earth-Cell is an Earth-friendly foam that is more firm than our BodyChoice high-density, small-cell foam and the Multi-Layer foam.

Multi-Layer Foam

Multi-Layer Foam is used in the affordable Solutions line from Custom Craftworks’. Softer than both BodyChoice’s high-density small-cell foam and the Multi-Layer Earth-Cell Foam, Multi-Layer Foam is used in Custom Craftworks’ massage tables and massage chairs developed overseas.

Massage Creams

Massage Creams provide a balance between more absorbable Massage Lotions and more workable massage oils. Their glide is less than that of oil but more than that of lotion. Massage Creams are often ideal for working on sore, injured, or spasmodic muscles. They are also a good option for working on patients that do not like the feel of massage oils when you still need a good amount of glide. It is important to match the type of massage oil, cream, or lotion with the goals of the massage. The descriptions of each of our Massage Creams explain the benefits they offer.

Massage Lotion

Of oils, creams, and lotions, Massage Lotions provide the shortest glide and most absorption. These qualities make it ideal for deep tissue work. Without putting excessive drag on the skin, they provide the therapist the greatest working grip and allow him or her to penetrate deep into their client’s muscles. It is important to match the type of massage oil, cream, or lotion with the goals of the massage. The descriptions of each of our Massage Lotions explain the benefits they offer.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam is created from a substance called viscoelastic. Memory Foam is soft, energy-absorbent, and reacts to heat and pressure by changing its shape to accommodate a warm object or an object that is pressing against it. Once these objects are removed, Memory Foam returns to its original state. Massage tables with Memory Foam are usually more comfortable for clients, especially ones that lie in one position for a long amount of time. Memory Foam evenly distributes clients’ body weight keeping pressure from building up in certain spots. Some of our massage tables and Headrests come with a layer of Memory Foam making them the ultimate in comfort.

Non-Woven Rolls

Non-woven fabrics are made by combining fibers using methods that do not involve weaving or knitting. Spunbound non-woven fabrics are created by bonding fibers into a strong web. A non-woven table cover has the advantages of being strong, soft, and quiet (it does not make any paper crinkling noise).

Oil Extraction

The following are the ways our some of our oils are extracted:

Expeller-Pressing is a method used to extract oil from nuts and seeds using an expeller machine. To extract the oil, the expeller machine squeezes the nut or seed between two metal plates. Expeller-Pressing does not involve additional heat or chemicals, but unlike Cold-Pressing, Expeller-Pressing is not confined to production temperatures under 120 degrees F. Introduction of high heat and chemical speeds up the extracting process and may produce more oil, but the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of the oil may be compromised during the process.

Cold-Pressing is a method of extracting oil from nuts and seeds using an expeller machine. Cold-Pressing is different than Expeller-Pressing because Cold-Pressing is more closely temperature-controlled, ensuring production temperatures do not go over 120 degrees F. Cold-Pressing does not use any chemicals in the production process nor does it rely on any additional heat.

Hand-Pressed oils and butters are derived from hand-operated expeller machines. This method uses no chemicals or additional heat so the oils and butters nutritional and therapeutic benefits are kept intact.

Organic/Certified Organic

According to the Organic Trade Association (OTA), Organic refers to the way agricultural products—food and fiber—are grown and processed. Organic food production is based on a system of farming that maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Organic foods are minimally processed without artificial ingredients, preservatives, or irradiation to maintain the integrity of the food. Certified Organic means the item has been grown according to strict uniform standards that are verified by independent state or private organizations. Many of our massage oils and Essential Oils are Certified Organic.

Pillow Cover

A cover with elastic edging designed to fit around a massage table’s face pillow. The Pillow Cover is used to protect the face pillow cover from oil, dirt, and residue while providing a soft surface for the client place his/her face on.


Pneumatic refers to the use of pressurized gas to produce mechanical motion. Some of our massage tables have Pneumatic pumps that are responsible for moving parts of the table up and down, like the backrest or leg rest. This type of pump uses compressed gas that is contained in a cylinder and is squeezed by a piston to create force. Pneumatic pumps are quiet, smooth, and are ideal for massage tables, office chairs and other types of furniture with movable parts.


Poly-Cotton is a fabric that is a blend of polyester and cotton. The blend’s cotton content makes the fabric super soft, cool, and able to wick away moisture. The polyester fibers increase the fabric’s strength and durability while keeping it resistant to wrinkling and shrinking. Our poly-cotton covers are a blend of 45% polyester and 55% cotton.

Poly Layer

Poly refers to polyethylene, a common type of plastic. Our Three-Ply Disposable Sheets contain a layer of polyethylene to make them stronger and to help to keep perspiration and oil from reaching the table.

PU Leather

PU stands for Polyurethane. It is a plastic that can take on many forms and can be used in many different ways. We use PU Leather, a synthetic polyurethane upholstery, to cover many of our massage tables. PU Leather is considered more environmentally friendly than standard PVC and it is durable, waterproof and easy-to-clean. In our testing facility we found no toxins present in either our PU Leather or Medical Grade PVC upholstery.

PVC/Medical-Grade PVC

PVC is short for Polyvinyl Chloride and it is a plastic or synthetic resin. It is the third most widely used plastic in the world. PVC can be softened or elasticized making it an ideal alternative to leather for upholstery. The benefits of PVC include its durability, resistance to stains, and its being fire-retardant. Medical-Grade PVC is a higher-quality PVC that is not toxic and is less resistant to break-down from exposure to body oils and other elements. All of our massage tables and chairs are upholstered in either PU Leather or Medical-Grade PVC. In our testing we’ve found trace amounts of toxins in competitors’ standard PVC-covered massage tables, but our Medical-Grade PVC and PU Leather were toxin-free. See PU Leather in this glossary for more information.

Reiki Panels

Reiki Panels are the stabilization plates located on both ends of many of our portable massage tables. Reiki Panels, in contrast with standard end panels, are positioned higher which allows therapists to work in a seated position with their knees under the massage table. Reiki Panels derive their name from the practice of Reiki which traditionally requires a healer to remain seated while performing bodywork. Our Reiki Panels are often thicker than standard end panels making our tables extra stable.

Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners are one of the features available on some of our massage tables. In general, navigating around a table with Rounded Corners is easier than one with standard corners because therapists are less likely to bump into protruding edges. Tables with Rounded Corners are considered more elegant and visually appealing. Also, tables with Rounded Corners also save a little more space because they are able to fit more easily into tight places.

Shiatsu Cable Release Function

The Shiatsu Cable Release Function, which is available on some of our portable massage tables, allows you to tuck the massage table’s legs underneath and work with clients directly on the floor. The Shiatsu Cable Release Function derives its name from Shiatsu, a practice that requires the therapists to perform bodywork on the floor with a mat. To operate the Shiatsu Cable Release Function, simply remove the cables from the bolts that connect the cables to your massage table’s legs. You can do this by hand—no wrench required! Removal of the cables will allow the legs to fold under the table as opposed to having them in the Auto-Lock position which keeps them in an upright, standing position. To put the table back into the Auto-Lock position, simply reconnect the cables to the bolts on the table’s legs. See Auto-Lock Leg & Frame System in this glossary for more information.

Static Weight

Static Weight refers to the amount of non-moving weight a massage table can withstand before it breaks. Static Weight is measured by putting weight on the entire table (as opposed to only portions of the table) slowly and systematically. Static Weight, unlike Working Weight, does not factor in pressure or movement. Our portable massage tables, on average, withstand about 2400 pounds of Static Weight. See Working Weight in this glossary for more information.

Sternum Bolster

A Sternum Bolster is a removable padded attachment that comes with our Ergo Deluxe BodyChoice Chair as well as our Desktop and Bed Massage Support. It is specifically designed to provide extra support for a woman when her chest is pressed against chest plates of these two products. The Sternum Bolster positions a client so that pressure is absorbed by her sternum rather than her breasts.

Working Weight

Working Weight refers to the amount of moving weight a massage table can withstand before it breaks. Working Weight factors in pressure exerted from the therapist as well as the weight of the client while he or she shifts positions. Any weight or pressure that is not evenly distributed or that changes is considered Working Weight. Working Weight is inevitably lower than Static Weight. On average our portable massage tables withstand about 600 pounds of Working Weight. See Static Weight in this glossary for more information.

How to Choose a Massage Table

On this page you will learn everything you could possibly want to know about choosing the right massage table for you and your practice.

Beyond the therapy skills you’ve honed over time, your massage table is the most important tool in your practice. Without it you can’t deliver effective treatments, so it’s vital that you pick the right one.

There are several things to consider when choosing a massage table, so let’s dive right in.

Picking The Right Width:

In your practice you will come across a wide range of body types. Some will be tall and others short, some wide and others narrow. Your massage table needs to be wide enough that all kinds of customers will be comfortable, while allowing you to deliver an effective treatment without putting strain on your own body.

The best table width for you will really depend on your training and ability. Each therapist is different, and wants different things from their table. We often speak with smaller therapists who opt for a 30-32” table, and very tall therapists who decide that the narrower 28” table is a better fit. It really depends on you.

A good rule of thumb, though, is that if you are a smaller person, you might be better off with a narrower table of 28”. If you’re taller, or it’s very important that your clients have lots of room, a table in the 30-32” range is better.

If you’re unsure about the right fit for you, head down to your local training college or therapy room. Ask to see the tables they use, and find out how wide those tables are. You can then work out whether you need something of a similar size, or need something wider or narrower.

If that’s not possible, however, there is a work-around you can use to figure out what width to choose:

Cut out a few pieces of cardboard in the widths you are trying to choose between. Lay each piece over the kitchen table and lean over it. Imagine having a client on that cut-out in order to see if they will have enough space and if you will be comfortable working over it.

You want to be sure you can get close enough to the table that you can comfortably square your shoulders to the clients’ hips, having pivoted at the waist to have your hands parallel to their spine. This position will protect you from developing an injury, so it’s vital to factor this into your choice.

The industry standard width is 30”, as this suits most clients very well. While we do offer 28” tables, they are best suited to therapists who are shorter in height and are at risk of back strain with a normal table.

The other reason to choose a 28” table would be if you need an extremely light table. By making the table a little narrower, we can reduce the overall weight of the table too. If you are a mobile therapist, having a very light table is worthwhile – even if it means a little less client comfort – as you will be carrying the table frequently and need to avoid injury.

In recent years, massage table design has had some very innovative developments. One of these is the introduction of hourglass-shaped massage tables, which solves many of the problems therapists commonly experience with their tables.

Hourglass massage tables have a tapered shape, being wider at the ends and narrower in the middle. This makes the table very comfortable for the client, while caring for your posture and health, as the client has 30-32” in the shoulder and leg areas, while you get much greater access over the 26-28” center zone.

Height of the Table

While width is a key factor, it’s also very important to think of the length of your massage table. Having enough length can significantly increase the comfort your clients experience. These days, most tables come with removable face cradles, which can add plenty of extra length for even very tall clients.

The standard length for most tables is 73”. You can, however, get shorter models if you particularly want one.

Adding an adjustable face cradle to the end of the table will usually add 7.5” to 9” to the total length. For a regular length table, that will bring the total up to around 80” or 82”. As the face cradles are removable, they lend a lot of flexibility to your treatment options.

When you’re trying to settle on the best length, there are really only two things you need to consider:

If you are a mobile therapist, a shorter table can mean less weight to be carrying around every day. However, it also means that tall clients may experience a little ‘overhang’ at the end of the table.

As long as the table you choose has a breath hole and removable face cradle, you will have all the flexibility you need across treatments.

Choosing A Table With Adjustable Height

Just about all the massage tables on today’s market have adjustable height settings. Regardless of which table you choose, it should come with a range of height options so that you can adjust it to suit all the therapies you want to practice.

The common height range of modern massage tables is 23” to 33”, which will suit just about any therapist. To work out the ideal height for you to work with, go through the following steps:

Stand up straight, keeping your arms by your side and closing your fists.

Have somebody measure the distance between your knuckles and the floor

Set your massage table to that distance, allowing a couple of inches leeway to account for the depth of a body on the bed.

Generally speaking, you would only adjust the height of your massage table if more than one therapist is working on it and there is significant height variation. However, you might also adjust it if you are working with a client who has a significantly different body depth to your usual clients.

Adjusting the height of your massage table should only ever take 2 or 3 minutes, and with the following options, it should also be totally easy.

Wooden Tables: Twisting Adjustment Knobs

Wooden massage tables will generally have one or two height adjustment knobs on each leg.

Aluminum Tables: Periscopic Push Buttons

Similar to the push-button mechanism found on crutches, the push-button height adjustment on aluminum massage tables is very easy to use. It only takes a couple of seconds per leg, and is a very strong, reliable mechanism.

Getting The Right Weight

When you’re choosing a massage table, there are two weight considerations to factor in: the carrying weight, and the working weight.

The carrying weight is the weight of the table itself when it’s all folded up and ready to be transported. This is very important if you do a lot of mobile treatments and will be carrying the table frequently.

The working weight is the amount of weight you can put on the table during regular treatments, factoring the weight of your client and any bolsters or accessories you might be using.

The carrying weight of massage tables usually varies between 22lb and 46lb. The weight is largely dictated by the table’s design and dimensions, as well as whether its frame is wood or aluminum.

If your practice is primarily mobile, aim to choose a table that weighs in under 30lb. In fact, aim to go as light as you can without sacrificing any of your other ‘must-haves’.

There are three ways to reduce the weight of a massage table:

Choose an aluminum frame instead of wood Choose a table without a lifting backrest, as the lifting mechanism adds 4 to 6 pounds. Choose a table with smaller dimensions (such as reduced length and width). Just remember that this may make it impractical for some larger clients.

Most therapists find that the most practical of these options is to opt for an aluminum table. If you need it to be even lighter, then you can opt to remove the lifting back rest or to downsize.

Occasionally a therapist will complain to us that the aluminum tables are more expensive than their wooden counterparts, but we always explain that this difference allows a significant increase in the lifetime value and performance of the table, and will usually be made up for within two or three treatments.

So while the extra $100 or so might sting a little now, over the course of your career, it’s a drop in the ocean. You can also think of it as insurance for yourself – choosing a cheaper table that’s also heavier can do you serious injury. Choosing the lighter table protects your health, and therefore your income, over the long run. Plus the aluminum tables are the most sturdy and comfortable on the market, guaranteeing that your clients will always have a good experience and will be more likely to come back, as well as referring you on to friends.

“But I need a lifting backrest, even though I’m a mobile therapist!”

We’ve discussed choosing a light table, but for some therapists, a heavier table with a backrest will meet their needs more effectively. If this is the case for you, you can overcome the difference in weight by purchasing a massage table trolley cart to transport your table around easily on wheels.

Alternately, you can purchase an ultra light-weight table, and then pick up a wedge bolster to use as a portable backrest and take with you to the treatments where you will need the client to be seated upright.

Many therapists will have a handful of clients each month that need to be upright during treatment – maybe 3 in 20. Purchasing a heavier table means you have to transport it to all 20 treatments, whereas choosing a lighter table and the wedge bolster mean that for 17 of the treatments, you only have to carry a very light table, and for the 3, you take the bolster as well – which is still lighter than a table with an inbuilt backrest.

Should You Opt For Wood Or Aluminum?

Some therapists find that the choice between a wood or aluminum frame is an easy one, just depending on their aesthetic preferences. Over the last 14 years, we’ve seen that there is often a preference for the look of wood, but as the design of aluminum tables has modernised, the sleek and stylish look has made them a more appealing choice.

In many therapy schools, the teachers are no longer active in their own practices, and remember back to many years ago when metal tables were common. These old models would rust and squeak, and were very heavy.

For this reason, many tutors would still recommend against aluminum tables, not realising how much the industry has modernized and confusing the aluminum tables with metal. While metal tables are now quite uncommon, there are still a few options floating around that are very cheap – generally under $120, but such low quality that you would have to buy a new table again very soon after purchasing.

While aluminum tables are a recent addition to the market, many therapists are now choosing the aluminum option for the increased strength and reduced weight.

In the professional price range, there is no difference in quality between the aluminum tables and the wooden tables. Both will have been made with very high quality materials, and both will have been constructed with the same stringent building standards.

In this instance, it’s best to choose the table best suited to your practice and your preferences. In the professional range it’s not really important whether you opt for wood or aluminum. While an aluminum frame will be stronger than wood, you’ll never get to the upper limit of the working weight of a wooden table, so you have no risk of damaging the frame regardless.

One Caveat:

While the quality of the professional level tables (over $300) is consistent between aluminum and wood, in the entry level price range (up to $250) there will be a difference.

Professional level aluminum tables are built with aircraft-grade aluminum, while the entry level tables are built with an aluminum composite and don’t have as high a build quality. While they are still strong and sturdy, entry level aluminum tables are not as strong as wooden entry level tables.

A Table’s Working Weight:

A massage table’s working is the total amount of weight that can be safely applied to the table. This includes the weight of the client, as well as the amount of downward pressure you apply during treatment.

For most massage tables, the standard working weight is between 500 and 600 pounds. Considering that most people would weigh between 120 and 200 pounds, it is highly unlikely that you would ever test the upper limits of the table’s capacity.

A Table’s Static Weight:

Each table is put through rigorous testing in the development stage to ensure that they are of sufficient strength.

2000 pounds is dropped on each table from above to test that it is capable of taking that kind of pressure. To watch this in person is similar to seeing the crash tests done on vehicles to ensure safety standards. While it’s reassuring to know the static weight of each massage table – and all of ours can take up to 2000 pounds – it’s more important to think of the working weight when making your choice.

Choosing The Right Foam Thickness:

Getting the right density of foam is one of the most vital choices regarding your massage table.

Naturally, it’s key that your clients experience a high level of comfort when lying on the table. A thick, high quality foam will ensure that their whole body is supported and comfortable throughout every treatment.

It’s also important that the foam is durable enough to last the lifetime of the table. Higher density foam won’t sag or develop air pockets over time as thinner foam can do. This ensures that the table looks and performs to the highest standard for years of quality use.

Cheap massage tables, as you might find on eBay and amazon, often feature very thin foam under the upholstery – even when they claim to use high density foam. This sacrifices a lot of client comfort, and means that the table will look worn out much faster than it should. You simply can’t produce a high quality table for such a low price as they are advertising.

The industry standard foam thickness is 2 inches. Knowing how important comfort and appearances are, the massage tables we carry normally use 2.5-3 inches. This 3 inch foam is what’s called semi-firm foam, and it guarantees a higher standard of comfort and support than any other option.

Choosing The Right Upholstery:

Many entry level or cheap tables will use PVC vinyl leather upholstery to cover the table. While PU leather is a much better option, manufacturers of cheaper tables always keep an eye on keeping their costs down, which is why PVC is so common.

PVC leather is a synthetic material – you’ve probably seen it on cheap imitation leather sofas. It’s easy to clean and is very durable, though it’s not the most pleasant against the skin.

PU is also a synthetic leather, but is much closer to real leather in its look and feel. It’s very soft, and is very luxurious to lie on. It’s a very strong material, and like PVC is easy to clean, but is much more durable.

The Cable System:

Our massage tables use a cable system known as the tensor cable support system. This provides portable massage tables with much more stability and strength, and prevents the table from collapsing.

During treatment it will also prevent the table from rocking or moving around, making for a much calmer and more peaceful experience for your clients. Since stability is so important during treatments, all of our tables come equipped with this feature.

The Ratio of Quality to Price:

As you’ve no doubt found with many things, paying a little extra for something can mean a big increase in the quality you get. Currently, there are three types of massage tables available on the market, and they can be separated by price range:

Budget massage tables, which are generally priced below $120.

Entry level massage tables, which are usually between $150 and $250.

Professional level massage tables, which usually start around $300+.

After all the import taxes and sales levies that are paid on massage tables in the US, other things that factor into the price of each table include the materials to build the table, the labor, shipping by sea, warehousing costs, and national shipping.

Once you strip out all those costs, at the lower end of the market you are left with tables that have been built for $50 or $60… and what you have to ask yourself is whether you feel comfortable inviting clients to lie on such a cheap piece of equipment.

Here at Massage World we are all therapists or have been in the past. We all have high expectations when it comes to what we would accept in our own practices, and so we’ll never let a table out the door that doesn’t meet our standards. If it’s shaky, creaky or rocks during treatment, it will never see the sales floor. For this reason, we’ve become the trusted source for quality massage tables, and will only stock the best options.

What’s The Real Difference Between Entry Level and Professional?

The entry level tables offer great value for money. They are affordable tables that are also sturdy and reliable. The major difference is simply that each of the materials used for the professional tables are of an even higher quality, and are therefore stronger and more durable.

A Break down of Professional Massage Tables:

Wooden Tables:

Our wooden tables are constructed with only the highest quality wood. It is inspected prior to construction for knots, cracks and flaws, so that only the smoothest, strongest pieces are used.

Aluminum Tables:

Our aluminum tables are built with aircraft-grade aluminum, which is the strongest material available for frames on today’s market.


On the Internet you will often see massage tables being advertised as having ‘high density’ foam. However, there is no industry standard enforced when it comes to building massage tables, so you’ll often end up with a subpar foam being used on cheap tables and then have no recourse against the retailer.

High quality foam is more expensive than the thinner options, so it does increase the production price of each table. The less dense options have more air in the foam, which means that it will depress and imprint more easily.

If you’ve ever had a massage on a cheap massage table, you may have started to feel the wood beneath the padding at some stage during the treatment. This happens when all the air is compressed out of the foam, which happens quickly on tables that have foam of less than 2 inches.

When it comes to choosing what kind of foam to go with, it’s best to let pricing be your guide. Suppliers who respect their customers and make a priority of delivering a good product will always opt to use high quality, high density foam on their tables.

In the professional range, you’ll generally see massage tables with foam of 3 inches, which increases client comfort, improves durability and will increase the lifespan of your table.


There are generally only two types of upholstery used on massage tables – PVC leather and PU leather. PVC tends to feel a little like plastic, while PU tends to have a more similar feel to actual leather.

Of course, there is also quality variation between these two types. Very cheap PVC will feel like lying on plastic sheets, while the higher quality will be softer and much more pleasant.

As with the foam, there is no set international standard when it comes to advertising the quality of your upholstery, so again it’s best to determine by the price, as well as the reputation and guidance of the retailer you decide to purchase with.

At Massage World, the professional massage tables we sell are upholstered with luxurious PU leather. The quality of the PU is so high that to the touch there is little distinction between it and real leather, and it’s very hard-wearing and durable.

Which Quality Level Should You Choose?

For many therapists, choosing an entry level table for their practice will suit them just fine. Some people will choose an entry level table when they first start out on their career, and then upgrade down the track, in order to increase their client comfort and professionalism.

It’s a comparable purchase to buying a sofa for your home. You can go with a cheap and cheerful one that will last a few years and then go out and buy a professional model later on, or you can invest in something really top-notch first day and use it for the rest of your life. Both will do the job; it’s simply up to you in terms of what you want for luxury and service.

When you purchase a professional table, it should last the length of your whole career. You would really only need to purchase a table if you wanted a back-up or something to take to mobile treatments if you had originally opted for a heavier table.

From the perspective of your clients, you can think of it as you would a car service. You can either hail a taxi off the side of the street, and get to where you’re going with no frills or added luxury, or you can arrange a private car that will deliver you to the doorstep refreshed and relaxed. It’s the same with massage tables – both option will do the job, it’s just that the experience will vary.

Common Mistakes When Buying A Massage Table:

Makeup Table Ideas to Streamline Your Daily Beauty Routine

According to a recent survey done by AOL and The Today Show, women spend an average of 55 minutes each day on their hair and makeup.

That’s approximately 335 hours or two full weeks every year.

A look at various studies on the makeup habits of consumers indicates that anywhere from a third to half of the women surveyed never leave home without wearing some type of makeup.

With makeup application being such a staple of the daily routine of so many women, it makes a lot of sense to have a dedicated space like a makeup table in order to streamline a beauty routine.

Time-saving, comfort-enhancing makeup table ideas

Whether you call it a vanity, dressing table, makeup vanity, vanity table, cosmetics vanity, or cosmetics table, makeup tables have a lot of benefits.

Having a posh makeup area where your beauty routine occurs almost every day is certainly practical, as it helps you to stay organized.

It also allows you to have a personalized, comfortable space to complete your beauty ritual.

Let’s look at some makeup table ideas that get a little more in-depth about how useful they can be, as well as some considerations to make before buying one.

Keep your beauty products well-organized

A 2015 Poshly and Stowaway Cosmetics survey of 4,000 U.S. women found that the average woman owned just under 40 makeup products, but only regularly used five of them. 75% of those surveyed said they routinely never finish their makeup products.

With a plethora of cosmetic types and brands to choose from, keeping all of your beauty essentials and self-care products organized can be a challenge.

Having a dedicated space that’s set up to handle all of your makeup storage needs with an ample countertop, drawers with dividers, and cabinet storage will make a big difference in keeping your daily prep area well-organized.

With an organized makeup space, you will:

find things much easier

misplace fewer items

be less likely to make duplicate purchases

be able to keep better tabs on how fresh your makeup products are

Create a highly functional workspace

Having a dedicated and well-designed makeup application and removal space where everything is in one place and within easy reach will facilitate a consistent, efficient daily beauty routine.

That saves you time and minimizes the aggravation that comes with searching for items you can’t find.

Some elaborate makeup applications require a very precise touch and take more time, so the last thing you want to feel is rushed, scattered, and uncomfortable when applying your cosmetics.

And while some women are perfectly fine standing when applying their makeup or styling their hair, a lot of women find it easier and more efficient to sit down for these tasks.

You can have your makeup station designed just the way you prefer for maximum comfort. That includes choosing a comfy seat, having your countertop set at your preferred height, and picking the perfect task lighting and mirror for your makeup area.

Why a bespoke makeup table design is better

You could save a few bucks and buy a build-it-yourself makeup vanity online or from a big box store.

But if you want to add a makeup space with an elegant, high-end look that’s durable, well-built, and with more design options, a bespoke makeup table is the best choice.

You’ll have much more freedom to fully personalize your makeup table when working with a custom cabinet designer and manufacturer like Organized Interiors.

By having direct input into the furniture’s design and the ability to have a dialogue with the cabinet maker after everything is installed, you’re assured of complete satisfaction with your product.

Location flexibility with a small room footprint

Makeup tables are well-suited to several home spaces, which gives you some flexibility when it comes to choosing a location.

You don’t need a lot of space for a makeup table either, which gives you additional freedom when choosing a spot. If your available space allows for it, “going big” with your makeup table design is certainly an option, too.

Any of the following rooms are ideal for a makeup table:

walk-in closet/dressing room

main bedroom

bathroom/powder room

You deserve to pamper yourself

We’ve established that there are several practical reasons to get a makeup table.

But if you’re looking for an additional reason to make such an investment, how about because it’s simply nice to pamper yourself once in awhile?

If you invest a lot of time and care into your daily beauty routine, a custom self-care space is the perfect way to treat yourself to something special that improves the quality of your “me time”.

Adding a makeup table also allows you to inject your décor with a luxurious aesthetic that improves the feel of your environment. That can help make your daily beauty routine feel less tedious.

Bring your makeup table ideas to life

Organized Interiors’ talented design consultants can take your makeup table ideas and bring them to life with creative and stylish bespoke designs.

Schedule a complimentary in-home design consultation with us to get a free quote and some expert advice and guidance on how to create your own unique makeup preparation space.

Please share this post if you found it useful.

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Our Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied. Our aim is to provide you with quality products at an affordable price. If an item does not meet your expectations, we’ll gladly refund your money within 30 days after purchase. In order to keep our prices the lowest possible, some exceptions apply, including a 20% restocking fee applied after 30 days and 30% restocking fee applied after 60 days, should the item be in a usable condition. Please see our [1]Returns section for detailed information.


If you find the same product for a lower price from any other company, we will refund/match the difference. Offer is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Valid on orders shipped within the continental United States. Cannot price match against auction sites. Pricing match is based on competitor complying with Manufacturer’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. If a product is listed below “MAP” we may not be able to match that price. Vendor that we price match must have product available to purchase and not on backorder.

DemiFit with breast recess massage table de Earthlite

425,00 €

Earthlite’s new model DemiFit ™ is designed for the female audience: with a breast cutout so that the female body can lie comfortably without pressure on the breasts and deformation of the back. The DemiFit ™ is made from the best available hardwood and finished in an environmentally friendly lacquer. It features proprietary aircraft-grade cabling for rigidity and strength, CFC-free 6,3 cm thick cushion system. (CFC stands for chlorine (Cl), fluorine (F) and carbon (C). These are artificial substances that have harmful effects on people and the environment. It takes a long time before they are broken down).

Covered with durable, eco-friendly upholstery. This portable massage table comes standard with a comfortable Deluxe adjustable headrest.

The package consists of:

DemiFit massage table

Deluxe self-adjustable headrest with Crescent pillow

Durable carrying bag, with storage compartment

You can also read more information in the folder about the demiFit massage table

EarthLite Infinity Coforma Portable Breast Recess Massage Table Package

The Earthlite Infinity Conforma portable massage table improves on the massage table designed to meet the natural contours of the body by adding extra breast support and spinal alignment to clients who require it. The way the “breast recess” works on this table is what makes it different. And it’s hour-glass shape allows for superior client access for the therapist. The table functions as both a regular portable massage table, and an table that conforms for increased breast comfort and spinal alignment. Zipper-released flex panels enable the Conforma technology. Simply unzip table top upholstery to release tension and provide additional comfort; close zipper for traditional cushioning feel.

The “Earthlite Infinity Conforma” portable massage table package includes a professional carry case and the well known Earthlite Flex-rest self-adjusting headrest platform and facepillow for increased client comfort.

Click here to See all Earthlite massage tables

Browse all massage table linens.

Package includes:

The Infinity Conforma adjustable portable massage table with breast recess design

Flex-Rest Facerest platform and Strata cushion

Quality Carry Case with internal pockets

Specifications of the Infinity Conforma table with the Conforma breast recess design:

Static Weight Rating : 3200 lbs!

: 3200 lbs! Table Weight : 30-33 lbs (table only, carry case and headrest add about 5 pounds)

: 30-33 lbs (table only, carry case and headrest add about 5 pounds) Table Width : 32″-28″

: 32″-28″ Table Length : 73″

: 73″ Standard Adjustable Height : 23″ to 33″

: 23″ to 33″ Working Weight : 800 lbs

: 800 lbs Warranty : Lifetime Limited

: Lifetime Limited Condition: New

This table is also available as the “table only”, not in a package. See options when adding the table to your cart.

Additional feature information of the Infinity Conforma table:

Strata Face Pillow Cushion: This amazing face pillow will fit on practically any headrest platform. It offers support, but still has increased softness so it can conform to every client’s face and forehead shape. It features Earthlite’s regular cloud-comfort cushioning and then they combined it with our Earthlite’s signature Strata Memory Foam™ system. The end result: increased comfort and support perfect to meet the demands of daily spa use. The Strata FacePillow is finished with PVC-free NaturSoft Upholstery and Contrast Double Stitching. Sinus pressure is reduced and pressure points eliminated. This amazing facepillow works especially well when combined with the Flex-rest Facecradle

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