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I hired a local pool company to replaster my swimming pool. My security camera captured the whole project so I thought it might be interesting to upload, in case anyone else wonders what a pool resurfacing looks like.
Several commenters have asked about the materials used. It’s not paint nor epoxy. It is a layer of bonding agent (acrylic modified cement and sand mixture) followed by a layer of plaster.
I was not paid or compensated to make the video. I am just a regular customer who paid the full retail price. Having said that, I am very pleased with the outcome of the project and would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone who is interested. They’re called Palm Tree Pool Supply and Service and they’re located in central Florida.

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Pool Resurfacing Companies in Palm Harbor, FL – HomeAdvisor

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Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor fl| Experts in Swimming Pools

Hire the best pool cleaning, maintenance and repair services to make sure your swimming pool is clean, safe and fun. Call us now at 727-677-5381!

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Fresh Finish Pools: Local Pool Company – Palm Harbor FL

Fresh Finish Pools is a Local Pool Company based in Palm Harbor Flora. We prove pool cleaning, pool remodeling, pool repair, as well as waterfalls and …

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Pool Resurfacing in Palm Harbor, FL with Reviews – YP.com

Pool Resurfacing in Palm Harbor, FL ; Action Pool Resurfacing & Repairs, Inc · (727) 304-2799 · Swimming Pool Dealers ; West Hernando Pools & Spas Inc. (352) 835- …

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Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor Tarpon springs .Curatolo Pools

Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor Tarpon springs .Curatolo Pools is a Perry, FL Pool Contractors Company. customer reviews from pool owner near Perry, FL rated …

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Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor, FL – FREE ESTIMATE

Welcome to Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor, FL. Call Us Today To Enquire About Our Tampa Pool Resurfacing Services & Get A Free Estimate.

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Source: poolresurfacetampa.com

Date Published: 12/17/2021

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Pool Resurface 2020
Pool Resurface 2020

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Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor fl

Our Pool Cleaning Services

Do you need your pool repaired or resurfaced?

Oasis Pool Service can help you with pool repairs. You could save hundreds of dollars by resurfacing your own pool rather than hiring a professional to fix it for you. Oasis Pool Services will give you the knowledge and skills that are needed to make your pool look new again in just one day.

Even though there is no sand or plaster involved, the pool resurfacing process is not that difficult. It does require a lot of hard work and dedication on your part though. First, you need to empty out the water from your pool, including all of its equipment and accessories (ladders, lights etc.). Then it is time to fix any cracks or holes in the pool’s walls or floor. Once that is done, it is time to clean the pool thoroughly using a pool cleaner and some chlorine tablets.

After you have done all this, you can begin resurfacing your pool. It’s important to be very careful during every stage of the process including applying the paint and allowing it to dry. If there are too many bubbles or the paint is not applied properly, you will have to start over.

The first step is purchasing a pool resurfacing kit with all of the tools required for this job. The second step is cutting in the contours of your pool and steps using a small brush or roller. Don’t worry if it seems like too much work at first because the end result is absolutely worth it. After you have finished painting your pool, let it dry overnight and use the vacuum to remove any excess paint particles from the water as well as on the steps and ladders.

The next day your pool will be sparkling clean and looking just like new which means that you saved a lot of money by not hiring a professional. If you don’t have the time or energy to paint your pool yourself, Oasis Pool Service can do it for you. Just give them a call and they will be more than happy to help you out.

The Winter season always brings with it cloudy water, slippery roads, freezing breeze, and all other unfavorable weather conditions which can ruin our fun time. There are various types of pool supplies that we can use to keep our pool sparkling like sparkler chemicals, pool pumps, and pool filters. Sparkler chemicals are necessary to keep the water alive and clean. It also helps in removing debris, rusts, and other unwanted chemical build-up that takes place in our pool. The pool pump is used to circulate the water and supply enough chemicals to destroy bacteria and algae that are in the pool.

Pool filters are also essential for taking care of our pool as it removes dirt, debris, leaves, twigs, insects, dirt, etc. Our pool services include inspection, cleaning, and repairing of pool equipment. It is also required to replace worn-out filter cartridges. In case of pool leaks, we fix it immediately before it becomes a big problem. Our pool maintenance includes removing the debris and inspecting the water chemistry. Sometimes we test the water chemistry by adding some chemical solution and wait for the results.

Furthermore, our pool maintenance company provides quality services at a competitive price so that you don’t have to think about pool maintenance. You can leave the work to us and rest assured that your pool is in perfect condition always. When you hire our pool cleaning service, we take care of all the tasks and more. We do not only clean debris but we also maintain the pool water chemistry, clean the pool floor, and check the functioning of the solar heater. Thus, we ensure the safety and health of the users. If you want to know about the best pool cleaners then read this article.

Pool Perfection – Pool Renovation Palm Harbor FL

Pool Perfection – Pool Renovation Palm Harbor FL

Pool Renovation Palm Harbor FL – Choose Pool Perfection for Renovations and Remodels – Does your inground pool need a facelift? Has it been years since you upgraded its look and function? Ready for a change? Well, come to the trusted custom pool design and construction company Pool Perfection – Pool Renovation Palm Harbor FL. We are a full-service swimming pool company based in Largo FL offering everything from pool remodeling and resurfacing to hot tub and pool installation. Pool Perfection – Pool Remodeling Palm Harbor FL is the first choice when your pool needs an upgrade.

Our specialty includes renovation and remodeling. We love transforming ho-hum pools into showpieces, injecting some personality and technology into the mix. Whether you’re looking for a simple fix-up of your existing pool, or would like to upgrade to the pool of your dreams, choose Pool Perfection – Pool Renovation Palm Harbor FL to make it happen.

Our luxury pool builders can provide upgrades and features that enhance the function and enjoyment of your current pool, such as salt systems, hot tubs, waterfalls and other accessories. Backed by more than 16 years in the business, you can rest assured we have worked hard to build a reputation as honest and reliable pool professionals.

Pool Renovation Palm Harbor FL – What We Can Do

Our licensed and insured technicians provide remodeling services throughout Largo, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Dunedin, and Pinellas County. When you call us for a free estimate and consultation, we can come to your home to chat about your needs and budget. We’ll take measurements, listen to your ideas, and make recommendations as to the best plan going forward.

To help in the design process, we use a 3D design process to show you what your backyard oasis could look like. We can try out a few shapes and designs until we hit on the one you like best for Pool Perfection – Pool Remodeling Palm Harbor FL. Once you choose the design you love, we’ll talk about next steps and what to expect from construction to the finished product.

As a registered pool and spa builder, we have built a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail and competitive pricing. We keep our prices low so you can enjoy everything we have to offer without breaking the bank. Our staff are here for one reason only, and that’s to give you the pool you’ve been hoping for when it comes to Pool Perfection – Pool Renovation Palm Harbor FL.

Creativity of Design

Our designers and builders will work with you in incorporating your ideas into the final creation. From simple additions to elegant designs, we can add any of the following and more:


Pool fountains

Salt water systems

Sun shelves

Swim-out benches

Color-changing LED lights

Deck jets

Whether you’re looking for a purely functional upgrade as part of a renovation or you want to add luxury to increase the wow factor with a remodeling project, we can help. For example, nothing transforms your outdoor space like a waterfall. We can do it all: a small rippling stream trickling into your pool, or a large, cascading formation that’s great for jumping through. Other interesting water features include pool fountains and deck jets.

We can also spruce up your existing pool, such as through re-coping your tile, revitalizing your decking or adding a pool heater to extend your swimming season.

Whatever you need, Pool Perfection – Pool Renovation Palm Harbor FL can turn your backyard into your own private oasis. If you love to entertain or just relax on a hot summer’s day, our design team will take care of you.

Contact Pool Perfection

If you have any questions about our pool remodeling or pool renovation services in Palm Harbor, call us at 727-518-(POOL)7665 or send us an email at [email protected]. Our headquarters is at 9310 Ulmerton Rd (Bldg 1 Suite 600) Largo, FL 33771. We serve all of Pinellas County, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and beyond.

Pool Remodeling Palm Harbor FL – Pool Renovation Palm Harbor FL

Pool Resurfacing in Safety Harbor, FL

Marquis Aggregate

Older pools in Safety Harbor, FL likely have a Marcite finish. Unfortunately, modern-day Marcite doesn’t provide a lasting surface finish. We prefer to use Marquis instead.

Marquis is today’s recommended refinishing material. It’s a factory-blended mixture of polymer modified cement, quartz aggregates and various admixes, specifically designed as an exposed aggregate coating for the interior of swimming pools. It has a safe, slip-resistant surface and is exceptionally durable. It’s available in more than 10 different aggregate colors!

Local Pool Company

At Fresh Finish Pools we want to become your trusted pool service. That means giving what big companies can’t, service and personal attention that every one of our clients can depend on. Unlike those big companies, we’re your neighbor!

Keeping your pool clean, healthy and balanced takes time and serious attention to detail. If you don’t get that right, you could cause damage to your pool and the health and safety of swimmers. Let Fresh Finish Pools be your pool’s best friend. Fresh Finish Pools sets the standard for full-service pool cleaning and maintenance and repair services in Dunedin, Palm Harbor and all across Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough County.

We understand the love and care needed to keep your pool the center point of your home. With your busy life, making time to properly care for the swimming pool is time you sometimes just do not have. Fresh Finish Pools expert pool techs take the work and worry out of pool maintenance and repairs.

Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor Tarpon springs .Curatolo Pools

Since the company was founded we are amazed that loyal customers who have been the driving engine in making Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor Tarpon springs .Curatolo Pools to friends and neighbors and making us one of the best rated pool companies in the whole area. Customers have tried other pool companies in Perry. Most homeowners agree that Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor Tarpon springs .Curatolo Pools are different than other local competitors.

It can be difficult finding the right pool contractor. It’s phenomenal that a pool service review site like PoolContractor.com is available for pool owners to enable folks to review pool companies, to express comments on the service and quality they experienced. This enables others in the local area to make a smart selection before selecting what firm to go with for the issue.


Living in the Palm Harbor, FL Sun can be hard on your swimming pool. If your medical spa or pool is starting to reveal signs of age It could be the right time to think of pool resurfacing and perhaps updating the devices. There could be cracks in your pool and blisters or stainings that a new surface will eliminate.

Depending upon how the swimming pool’s surface area is and the type of surface area you want to apply to it, it could be an easy or difficult task. Below are some things that you must think about when you choose you must resurface your pool by yourself or get a Free Estimate from us.

While these actions may not offer you all the details that you need to entirely clean the pool you have, they do make an outline so you can think of whether you’ll be able do the deal with your own and what you’ll need to do in preparation.

Know that prior to starting the procedure, contact your city’s planner department to identify whether you require an approval to renovate your swimming pool or whether there are any particular requirements, such as the location you can take the water out. If you’re uncertain, contact Pool Resurfacing Palm Harbor, FL for extra details.

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