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Here’s the key:
  • 3D: Cosmoe.
  • 4A: Princess Dagger.
  • 2C: Humphree.

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Here is the Poptropica Hot Dogs Island Cheats guide for you!
Find the full written walkthrough here: http://poptropicaguru.com/galactic-hotdogs-island-cheats-walkthrough/
In the Galactic Hot Dogs island adventure, you will be taking a voyage with Cosmoe, Humphree, and Princess Dagger. Your goal is to ultimately find a treasure map that will lead you to the most fantastic treasure ever.
But first, you will need to find your new friends in a huge galaxy where they have been lost through a wormhole. Explore the different planets following clues as to where they have landed!
I hope this walkthrough cheats guide helps you get through the new Poptropica Galactic Hot Dogs Island adventure!

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Poptropica Galactic Hot Dogs Island Cheats Walkthrough
Poptropica Galactic Hot Dogs Island Cheats Walkthrough

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  • Author: Poptropica Guru
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  • Date Published: 2015. 2. 1.
  • Video Url link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4SLm_4awVm0

Galactic Hot Dogs Island Guide


From the hit graphic novel comes the zaniest Poptropica adventure yet. Hop aboard the Neon Wiener for an intergalactic voyage with Cosmoe, Humphree, and Princess Dagger!

For walkthroughs on Galactic Hot Dogs Island, scroll down.

Released: January 30, 2015 (for members)

or February 19, 2015 (for all)

Common Room: Intergalactic Arcade

Preceded by: Arabian Nights Island

Succeeded by: Mystery of the Map Island

Resources on this page: Island Extras | Synopsis from Poptropica | Video Walkthrough | Written Walkthrough | Album Photo | Trivia

Island Extras: Champions Map | Official Tour | Videos | Galactic Hot Dogs Comics

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, scroll down on this page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough by Brave Tomato, Blake, & Slanted Fish

Go to Galactic Hot Dogs Island if you’re not there already. You’ll find yourself thrown straight into the story, in front of a spaceship dubbed the “Neon Wiener”. If you talk to Humphree (the green burly guy) he sighs that there’s something missing in creating the Mega Dog with his earth friend Cosmoe.

Go inside the Neon Wiener and talk to Cosmoe. He sighs that he needs more nuclear fuel to be able to warm the Mega Dog to enter in the food truck contest. So let’s go fetch it for him.

Exit the spaceship and go over to the left, where the competition is being held. There, you’ll find Queen and Princess Dagger having an argument on how evil should run in the family, and how the princess should be more evil like her mother. Queen Dagger then walks off, and you’re given a chance to talk to Princess Dagger. And she’s pretty bitter about being the daughter of evil — and the fact that she’s dragged to the competition.

Go over to the third food stall from the right and pick up the Giant Spatula from it. If you talk to the blue bear there, named Boba Fleigh (a play on celebrity chef Bobby Flay 😉 ), he says that you can trade him odd ingredients for stuff any time. Keep that in mind.

The nuclear pellet is in this area, but it’s guarded by the Queen’s bots (called Jacks). To distract them, go to the right and click on the loudspeaker. Pick a speech bubble to mess around with it, and the Jacks will come over and tell you to stop.

While the Jacks are bothering Princess Dagger, go over to the left and use your Giant Spatula to open the container of nuclear pellets. Click on your Fuel Cell to pop a radioactive pellet into the slot. Now your Fuel Cell is charged!

Go back to Cosmoe and give him the Fuel Cell. Excited, he thanks you and cooks the Mega Dog with the nuclear power. He heads out with the hot dog, declaring that nothing can possibly wrong. So, naturally, everything goes wrong.

You are dragged into an intense chase with Queen Dagger’s Jacks because Cosmoe was trying to prevent Princess Dagger from stealing the Mega Dog. Cosmoe, Humphree, and F.R.E.D, the group’s robot companion, flee into outer space, dragging you – and Princess Dagger – along with you.

The Neon Wiener does lose the Queen’s fleet, but not before a random wormhole swallows in Cosmoe, Humphree, and Princess Dagger, leaving behind you and F.R.E.D. The robot companion offers you assistance in rescuing the three.

Rescuing Princess Dagger

In order to rescue the princess, first you have to pick something up over at Cosmoe’s planet. Cosmoe’s planet is located in sector D3, where he laments about being stuck in a pterodactyl nest. He says that he’s on a green planet with a lot of water near a green star.

Click on the star pictured below, then click on the earth-like planet closest to the star. F.R.E.D. will confirm this to be Cosmoe’s location and you can head down.

You’ll find yourself in a land of pterodactyl-like creatures that roam the skies. Go to the right and use the pterodactyls (we’ll also call them birds for simplicity’s sake) as moving platforms to proceed further up. When your bird gets near a wasp, jump up to avoid hitting it, then land back on the bird once it’s passed the wasp.

At the top, you’ll find a Seed Pod inside of a flower next to a hornet. Go ahead and grab it.

Head back to the ship, click on F.R.E.D, and click on “Funketown” to the bottom-right of F.R.E.D’s panel. This will take you back to the place you started.

Go and talk to Boba, the blue bear from before, and offer him the Seed Pod. He excites over the fact that the pod is in fact a very rare spice and offers you a giant plate of Gelatin Salad for it. This is essential to be able to make it to Princess Dagger.

Go back to the ship and talk to F.R.E.D again to pull up the space map. Princess Dagger is located in sector A4, where she sighs that she’s more so on a moon than a planet. She also says that she is located on a dark red planet near a white star. Click on the star shown below, then go up and right to locate Princess Dagger’s planet and enter it.

You’ll find yourself in a very rocky landscape. An unseen hawk (or hawk-like alien) caws over your head and drops rocks on you. Luckily, you have your Gelatin Salad to protect your precious floating noggin.

The gelatin salad has more of a purpose than protecting your head, though. Use the gelatin to bounce the rock over to the tower of rocks that’s blocking your way.

Once that’s cleared up enough to jump over, lead another rock to the non-sturdy platform underneath you. You’ll see a little bat-alien cave surrounded by… bats’ droppings. Sorry, neat freaks, you’ll need to pick up the Guano to help out Humphree later. Go back up to the original path and go right.

Keep moving on to the right a little bit and you’ll see a little cave that blocks the rocks from coming in from the skies. At the end of the tunnel, Princess Dagger is trapped in an alcove within the cave, and she’s not happy about it.

You’ll need to be outside the cave and bounce the rocks from outside the cave in. First, clear the stalagmites and ground rocks in the way, and then you use the final rock to open up the alcove.

Once you’ve busted the rock blocking the alcove, Princess Dagger can escape.

One down, two to go. Head back to the Neon Wiener, so you can rescue the next friend.

Rescuing Humphree

After saving Dagger, you can go ahead into sector C2 of the Galactic Map. Humphree is located on a green planet near a yellow star. Click on the star circled below, then go up and to the right. Out of the pair of green planets you see, Humphree’s is the larger one.

Since you have the Guano, you should equip it, because you’re going to need it. First off, see those mushrooms to the right? Jump on them to go up to the next portion.

With the guano equipped, click on the bases of the first two mushrooms when you get up. This will, oddly enough, make them face the opposite direction. Jump on them.

You’ll bounce over to the Fruit, which you’ll need to trade in with Boba Fleigh later.

For now, focus on the mushrooms. Go left and click on the base of each mushroom you haven’t moved yet, to make them face right. Then jump on the lowest mushroom, and with a bit of luck, you’ll start a chain reaction where you bounce from mushroom to mushroom until you get to the top-right corner. This may take a few tries, but once you get there, continue on right.

You’ll now be in a little cave. Click on the nearest mushroom’s base, jump up, and do the same to the next one. Then you can go back down and return the first one to normal by clicking its base again.

Jump on the nearest mushroom, and go up, jumping on each mushroom until you stop. Then, click the base of the next mushroom. Jump, then go down and click the base of the mushroom there. Jump one more time, and you’ll get to where Humphree is!

Just click on him to untangle him from the mess of shroomy trunks. Once he’s out, you can meet back up with him in the Neon Wiener spaceship.

Rescuing Cosmoe

So, we have Dagger and Humphree. Remember that fruit you collected? Go to Funketoun and trade with Boba Fleigh to get the jumbo Egg. This will be essential in the final rescue.

Head back to Cosmoe’s planet. Since you’ve already been there, all you have to do is click on his planet in the pane to the right when F.R.E.D brings up the space map.

Once you’re back on this planet, go up and jump on the first pterodactyl you see. When you pass the ledge, jump up, and then wait for another pterodactyl. Avoid the wasps, and go further up until eventually you can go left.

Go left, and then, guess what? More pterodactyls, so keep jumping! Use the pterodactyls as moving platforms to get you up to the ledge on the right with a nest and broken egg. Wait for a bird going left to fly by, and hop on.

When the left-going bird gets near the ledge on the other side, hop onto that ledge. Another bigger pterodactyl will go by — hop onto it, and it’ll fly diagonally up, taking you straight to the mother bird’s nest. Use the Egg, and you’ll rescue Cosmoe!

The entire crew is back in the Neon Wiener! And now they want to continue their treasure hunt, each convinced that the wormhole from earlier gave them insight on where the treasure map is located. The next task: obtaining the Map-O-Sphere!

So You Want to Find the Map-O-Sphere

Each crew member will give you a clue about where to go next, but what you want to do is click on sector E5 and go to the most distant star, pictured below. Then, navigate the spaceship downwards and enter the debris field.

This next part is kind of like Flappy Bird. Don’t touch the top or bottom, and avoid any debris – you can only hit them five times before you’ll have to retry. Holding down your mouse button makes you float upwards; letting go makes you drift down (in sluggish space gravity). Try to get into a rhythm of pressing down (to rise up) for about half a second, then letting yourself fall, only to rise again so you don’t hit the edges. Watch for obstacles as they come so you can time your rising and falling.

This part can get tricky, so it might help to watch a video. Hang in there — you can do it.

Eventually you’ll come across a ghost pirate ship and enter automatically. You’ll see a lot of creepy house props inside, but the three Map-O-Sphere pieces you need are in here somewhere.

First, jump up to the platform above, and click on the box at the bottom to reveal the first Map-O-Sphere piece (it looks like a robotic green shell).

Next, head straight up until you’re on a platform with a purple switch to the right. Flip the switch, which will open a door, so go left and through it. Walk left, then jump down, then go right, make your way down the rope, and flip the switch there.

Climb the rope again, head left, then drop down. Head right and climb down that rope. Go left until you reach the stack of boxes and barrels, and click on the barrels until you find the next Map-O-Sphere piece.

Now, climb the stacks of boxes and barrels. Go left and up, and flick the switch. Then climb up the ladder on the right. Click on the dead captain and take the final Map-O-Sphere piece from his lap.

Suddenly awakened, the zombie space pirate captain will scream, “There is no treasure! There is only evil!” Strange… also, no treasure for the crew, it seems.

Anyway, return the way you came and go through the door.

Once you exit, you’ll be back on the Neon Wiener, which is under attack! The crew is all ready to defend the ship, but then – you get to press the big red button!

Which… apparently… unleashes loads of hot dogs and saves everyone on board… okay, I’m no expert on the Galactic Hot Dogs series, but isn’t this kind of funky? Anyway, you’ll be awarded the Island Medallion! Congratulations, you’ve completed Galactic Hot Dogs Island!

The story continues in the first GHD book, Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway, by Max Brallier. If you’re interested in the GHD series, you can read the comics on Funbrain.

Looking for more walkthroughs? Check out our Island Help page! 🙂

Album Photo

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Aw, smudge!

Galactic Hot Dogs Island Cheats and Walkthroughs

Galactic Hot Dogs Island Cheats and Walkthroughs

How do I keep the asteroids from knocking me out?

How do I change the direction the bouncy mushrooms are facing?

Where is the Lost Triangle?


Need help completing Galactic Hot Dogs Island ? Watch our full walkthrough above!Or if you’re looking for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Galactic Hot Dogs Island, read on!You need to carry a Gelatin Salad over your head to safely bounce away the falling asteroids.Find the Seed Pod on the prehistoric planet.Then trade it with the chef on Space Port Funketoun to get the Gelatin Salad.First, get the Guano from the asteroid planet.Use the Guano on the base of the mushrooms. They will change direction.The Lost Triangle is located in sector E5 on your map, near a red planet — but it won’t show up there until you’ve rescued all three of your lost friends.You’re ready! Play Galactic Hot Dogs Island on Poptropica now

Galactic Hot Dogs Walkthrough

When you get to the island, you can talk to Humphree on your right. He says that the Mega-Dog isn’t ready for the cook-off. Go inside the Neon Weinner and talk to Cosmoe(he’s to your right). He’ll give you a fuel cell.


To get the fuel rod to fill the fuel cell, you need to exit the Neon Weiner and run to the screen on the right. In the meantime, you’ll pass by the Arcade(common room), and the Galactic Hot Dogs Store. You don’t need to enter these in the island.

Anyway, go to the left and you’ll see Queen Dagger talking to her daughter, Princess Dagger. I don’t feel like what she’s talking about really applies to game all that much.

After that, you can talk to her, but she won’t really do anything. Then you need to go to the left until you get to the food truck titled, Milky Way Maki. There is a spatula right next to the blue chef, so all you have to do is click on it to get it!

Then, go to the right until you get to the loudspeaker right next to Princess Dagger. When you click on it, your Poptropican can’t resist playing with it and a bunch of dialogue boxes will appear.

You can click on any one of them, it doesn’t matter which you choose. When you do, your Poptropican will say it, then the loudspeaker above you will say it. Then, the Queen’s Jack robots will run over to you.

They won’t do anything to you, so as soon as you mouse stops loading, run all the way to the right where a cart with a bunch of green sticks are. Use your spatuala to open one of the cointaniers. Then, use the Fuel Cell and the fuel rod will go into it.

Now you can go back to Cosmoe and give him the fuel cell. Don’t worry about the Jacks, they’re too scared to stand by the cart now that you’ve “contaminated” it.


He will run off with the Mega-Dog and enter the contest. A short book will appear and you proably should read all of it to understand what happened. While your in the ship, a wormhole swipes up Princess Dagger, HUmphree, and Cosmoe! F.R.E.D. offers to help. When he does you will be aken to a grid-like screen where you have to find your friends.


In the grid area, you need to click on certain boxes to get a signal from your friends. In each box that one of your friends are in, they will be on a certain planet next to a certain star. Look at the bullet points below to see where each friend is located.

Humphree is in the grid square 2C. His star is the yellow in the center. To get to his planet, go diagonly up until you get to two green planets. The bigger one is where Humphree is.

Princess Dagger is in grid square 4A. Her star is the white one next to the red one in the bottom left corner. To get to her planet, drive out diagonly up to the right until you get to the drak red planet.

Cosmoe is on grid square 3D. His star is the smaller green one in the center. His planet is a little of to the left of the star. It’s green and blue and it looks a little like earth.


To rescue Humphree, first you need to go to Princess Dagger’s planet. There are some rocks on the way, but ther is a way to get past them.

When an asteroid is falling, you will see a dark circle on the ground. It gets bigger as the asteroid comes closer to the ground. You can jump over the first rock, but you will not be able to jump over the column in the way that has three rocks on top of one another. So stand really close to it (the asteroids seem to fall wherever you are) and the asteroid will come and break the top rock. If it doesn’t the first time, that’s okay, just keep standing there. Anway, keep going to the right until you get to this cave-like thing underground. Stand on the top and the asteroid will come down and break the roof. Go in it and click the green guano under the bats. Now we can go save Humphree!

First, you need to go to Humphree’s planet. An easy way to get there is by clicking on his planet in the DISCOVERED section. When you get there, you’ll see this bug type thing poop on the mushroom. The mushroom will turn the other way. What you need to do first is equip the guano. Once you do that, run over to the mushroom the bug pooped on and jump on the yellow part. It’ll bounce you up to the second mushroom, where you bounce off of that and land on the ground. Next, go all the way to the edge of the platform where the last mushroom is. Press spacebar and the mushroom will turn the other way! Next, go to the one that’s right next to it. Press spaccebar, and it too will turn the other way! Then go to the one on the right and press the spacebar. Lastly, go to the very first on on the right and press the spacebar. Now all of them should be facing the other way. Jump on the second to last one that we put the guano on. It will take you to a platform with another mushroom. Press spacebar so that it turns the other way. Carefully go down off the left side and jump onto that last one that we fertilized. It’ll take you all the way across the screen, where there is a fruit. Click the fruit to add it to your inventory. Then, go off the right side and try to make it off the mushroom directly below you. If you make it, you will jump on that mushroom, and go all the way up to a way high up platform with an arrow pointing to the right. So that’s what we’ll do! Go to the right and you’ll enter a darker cave. It’s a little confusing, but if you follow my directions exactly, you’ll be able to make your way through and rescue Humphree!

Now, when you enter the cave, go to the right and hop on the mushroom that is pointing towards the right. Then, jump on the mushroom that is on th eplatform that you landed on. Lastly, run to the left a tad and jump on that mushroom. Now you may think, there’s nothing here! But you’re wrong. Where you landed, press spacebar to put the guano and change the mushroom above you to face the right. Next, go all the way back down to that first mushroom you jumped on and press the spacebar. This’ll make the mushroom face the left. Jump on that, then press spacebar where you landed. Now go back down and press spacebar to make the mushroom face the right again. Jump on it again, then jump on the other one. Now when you get on that platform, something’s different. The mushroom is facing the left! So go and jump on that mushroom. That’ll take you up to another platform. There, you should see Humphree. Click on him to set him free. You don’t have to do anything special, just click on him. You’ll set him free, then just make your way back down to the Neon Weinner. If you need help navigating, watch our video walkhrough at the bottom of this page.


Do you remember the fruit we got in Humphree’s planet? We’re going to use it to rescue Cosmoe. While you’re in the Neon Weinner, click on F.R.E.D. and enter the Dashboard we saw earlier. Click the button that says FUNKETOWN to go to the place where you first started. Once you get there, go all he way to the left screen. Talk to the blue bear next to Milkey Way Maki. If you click the last option, he’ll say, “BRING ME WEIRDO INGREDIENTS AND I’LL MAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE!” Well, the fruit is sorta a weirdo ingredient. Click USE and he’ll trade you for a Extra-Jumbo Egg. Now, go back to the Neon Weinner and click on F.R.E.D. to go to your “dashboard”. On your right, click on the planet next to Cosmoe. If there is a question mark, make sure you have discovered his planted first. Once there, run to the left until you get to a low platform. Jump on that, then jump on the one above it. Wait there until you see a green bird-like alien come by from the left. Jump on that, and wait until it takes you to another platform. Jump on that platform, then wait for another alien to come from the right. Jump on that, and ride it all the way to the platform on the left. Jump over any wasps. Get the seed pod on the platform that the second alien took you to, then go left. In the left screen, go all the way to the left side. Wait there until an alien comes. Jump on the alien. As soon as you get within range of another alien flying in the oposite direction, jump on it. From there, jump on the one above you when it comes closer. It may not look like you could make it, but you can. Ride that alien all the way to a little island platform with a broken egg shell on it. Wait there until you see an alien fly below. Jump on that and wait until it takes you to another platform. Jump on the platform, and wait until another alien comes by. Jump on that one and ride it up to the Mama Alien Bird’s nest. If you try clicking on Cosmoe, you’ll get knocked backward and you won;t be able to leave. Click USE on the Egg in your inventory and Cosmoe will be set free! If you need helo with this part, watch our video at the bottom of this walkthrough!


Just to let you know, this is the second to last thing we have to do before the end! Go back to your “dashboard” and click the button that says FUNKETOWN. Run all the way back to that blue bear and press USE on the Seed Pod. He’ll then give you a super bouncey Gelatin Salad. If you remeber Princess Dagger’s planet, there were rocks falling down all around us. This Gelatin Salad will help us control the rocks and make them go where we want them to go. Once at Princess Daggers planet, press EQUIP on the Gelatin Salad. Your Poptropican will push the Salad way up over their head like their the strongest person in the world. If a rock falls, be under it, and it’ll bounce off the Gelatin Salad. Move all the way to the end of the right screen, where Princess Dagger is. Use your salad to break all the rocks in your way, and to break the rock trapping Princess Dagger.

If you need help with this, watch our video guide at the bottom of this walkthrough!


Once you have rescued everybody, go back to the Neon Weinner. Cosmoe will talk about how he wanted the treasure map, and then everybody will say that they saw it, or had a vision of it. You’ll be assigned the job of finding the map. F.R.E.D.’s dashboard will open up again and you have to search for the map like you had to search for your friends. The treasure map is in area E5. The star is the red one in the bottom right corner. Go around towards the bottom left until you see a bunch of asteroids together.

Ever played the game Flappy Bird? Well, this mini-game is a lot like it. Click your mouse to avoid being hit by the debris. Keep avoiding it until you get to a big Ghost Pirate Ship. There, you just have to click around until you get 3 peices of the Map-o-Sphere. If you need an idea of where the peices are, and how to get all of them, watch our video guide below this walkthrough!


This is basically the end of the island. The queen starts chasing us and all we have to do is press the big red button next to Cosmoe and you get the island medalion! Congratulations!

Walkthrough written by:

Trusty Biker

Poptropica Cheats for Galactic Hot Dogs Island

The newest Poptropica Island will be called Galactic Hot Dogs Island. Obviously, it will be all about the cartoon of the same name, starring characters like Dagger, Cosmoe, and Humphree. We’ll be able to explore in this world featuring funky aliens, zombie space pirates, amped-up energy, killer robots, man-eating wormholes, and more. It sounds exciting, especially if you’re a fan of Galactic Hot Dogs.

Check back here soon for the full walkthrough once it is released. In the meantime, take a peek at the official trailer for this new Poptropica island. You can also check out the official page here.

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사람들이 주제에 대해 자주 검색하는 키워드 Poptropica Galactic Hot Dogs Island Cheats Walkthrough

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