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Is Too Damn Easy a Scam? Are There Cash Gifting Programs That Work? Too Damn Easy Review!
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Is TooDamnEasy a Scam or Easy Money? (Spot the Red Flags)

In fact, the owner of TooDamnEasy calls himself “Q, The Cash Gifting Expert”. Cash gifting is built the same way as pyram schemes.

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Cash Gifting Program Delivers $60,000 In One Day! (VIDEO)

This is a serious Cash Gifting Program. … Cash Gifting Program Bends Reality And Delivers $60k Yearly Salary In One Day! … Q, The Cash Gifting Expert.

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Is Too Damn Easy a Scam? Are There Cash Gifting Programs That Work? Too Damn Easy Review!
Is Too Damn Easy a Scam? Are There Cash Gifting Programs That Work? Too Damn Easy Review!

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Has Anybody heard of “Q”The Cash Gifting Expert?

Hello, everyone… So it’s been exactly a week since I’ve joined Q’s program.. I must say that when I received the start-up materials, my enthusiasm heightened… I went through all the materials, and will begin implementing the instructions immediately.(If you haven’t yet gone to the site — check it out at www.no-checks-only-cash.com Referral iD# JO20142).Today (10-2-07) I will go ahead a place some display ads in targeted publications and magazines… Since my budget is limited, I will promote this as much as my income allows.. I will see how the responses go for the promotion.Ohh, by the way, There’s one lady who was interested in joining this thing under me.. Let’s see if she does. She’s on the fence — but most likely will join us.Because of termination of the RED LEVEL, lots of people decided to get in. This is why Q is very busy with returning phone calls… He’s returned mine for a couple of questions that I had. But he’s all over closing enrollments.So every Tuesday morning, I will log in my progress for all of you to follow me, and how this turns out…Cheers!

Cash Gifting Scams Like ALS, Q, GGS, Epic Wealth and More

Cash Gifting Scams Like ALS, Q, GGS, Epic Wealth and More

“An abundant living system review is no longer an option since the abundant living system cash gifting program closed it’s doors.”

Abundant living system, epic wealth system, and the global gifting system as well as other cash gifting programs have closed their doors just like the fuel legacy program.All the abundant living system forums, abundant living system blogs cash gifting wikis, and many cash gifting programs along with the “cash gifting expert” scheme and the global gifting system scam which did not last.As long as the overnight cash system scam, or the perpetual cash system, the abundant living system was not designed to be a scam. but a legitimate home based business.Wikipedia can be informative if adwords for wikipedia are done properly without drawing up those annoying ponzi scheme diagrams explaining the history of cash gifting, the cash gift tax, and endless opinions on cash gifting definitions.The overnight cash system legal jargon on it’s website was a joke and so was the low end cash leveraging system legal page which was filled with illegalities.Some people fell prey to the reverse funnel system while seeking legal home based business opportunities. cash gifting scam sites and cash gifting review sites such as the, overnight cash system review,reverse funnel system review,home based business review and the Google adwords review, all led to a lot of online cash gifting scams in the cash gifting community in 2009.The way people would market cash gifting programs claiming to be cash gifting experts on videos like the so called cash gifting expert Rob Abrams who would pop up on most search results with the term “search cash gifting expert” Rob Abrams thought that the cash gifting recession proof lifestyle was legal.Cash gifting with Q the cash gifting expert who claimed to be the authority in his cash gifting pyramid scheme using a gifting table to count his gifts while on videos bragging that the secrets of gifting was nothing but a played out scam while making up cash gifting laws within every video, or audio testimonial.

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Is TooDamnEasy a Scam or Easy Money? (Spot the Red Flags)​

Is TooDamnEasy a Scam or Easy Money? (Spot the Red Flags)​

Wouldn’t it be great, if you could make a yearly salary in just one day?

That is what TooDamnEasy claims you can easily do, if you just follow this system.

But is TooDamnEasy a scam or a legit way to make a lot of money fast?

In this TooDamnEasy review I will show you what the system really offers, and what you can expect from it, so you know what you are getting into and what the risks might be if you decide to invest in it.

I will also show you some red flags you, in my opinion, definitely need to be aware of before investing any money so you do it with the right expectations.

TooDamnEasy at a Glance Tools


Value for money 1 Summary TooDamnEasy is a cash gifting system built like a pyramid. It can, in theory, make you money – but it is a risky way to start a business, in my opinion. It has a high investment to get started, the presentation is full of red flags to show you it will be a risky investment, and you do not even know who the person you have to send money to is. For these reasons, it is NOT a system I would recommend. Click to See My Top Recommended Way to Make Money Online

What is cash gifting and does it work?

Before getting to what TooDamnEasy is offering, let’s first look into what cash gifting is since this is what TooDamnEasy is all about. In fact, the owner of TooDamnEasy calls himself “Q, The Cash Gifting Expert”.

Cash gifting is built the same way as pyramid schemes. There is not as such any product or service you are getting access to or selling – the way to make money is by recruiting others, and have them invest as well. The more people you recruit below you, the more money you will earn.

Systems like this have been around for many years.

I can myself remember when I was a kid and there were chain letters going around. I tried to participate in several of those as a child, and the idea was that you got a letter with names on a list and had to send something to a certain number of people, and then put your name on the list and start inviting others.

Then eventually your name will be on hundreds or thousands of lists, and from just investing a small amount, you would now get a lot more back. I have tried it both with chewing gum, stickers, and even with a small amount of money when I was a kid.

A few times I received a few items back, but I was always disappointed, and never got back my investment. But in theory cash gifting systems like this could work, so let’s look into if TooDamnEasy has really figured out how to make this work effectively.

What is TooDamnEasy and how does it work?

TooDamnEasy is a website that claims to offer you a fast and very easy way to make A LOT of money by showing you the best way to use a cash gifting system.

I have made a short video to show what TooDamnEasy is and the red flags you, in my opinion, need to know. You can however also continue to read below the video to get even more details and learn about a better and safer way to make money online:

Recommended: See My #1 Recommended Way to Build Your Own Business

On TooDamnEasy’s website, you will see a presentation video that is meant to convince you to invest in this system.

You have maybe seen the exact same video and website under different website addresses. The same guy has 8 other website domains that will all take you to the same video and system. So if you have seen one of these websites, it is exactly the same system as TooDamnEasy.

The other websites are:









So if you have been looking for anything about cash gifting, there is a big chance you will have found a website that is owned by the same guy. Anything this review says can be applied to any of these websites, as they are all the same.

If you have been on one of these websites, you have probably seen the presentation video.

This is a video that does not really tell you anything about what the system is about – it is just a video of a guy talking about how much money he is making and playing around with a stack of money and counting them to show you that he made $60,000 is just one day.

The guy in the video called “Q” does not tell you much about what you need to do to earn this much money. But the idea is that you do actually not have to do much.

He is (supposedly) an expert, so he will take care of all the advertising and writing letters, email, answering questions etc.

Your job will then be to mail out some premade postcards with your referral ID on them, and then you will get paid when people join.

This definitely sounds TooDamnEasy, and when it comes to becoming rich fast, when something sounds too good to be true, it very often is, in my experience.

It is very likely the money in the video is made from this system. But if you know anything about systems like this, you will also know that it mostly just works very well for the guys at the top. That was what I already learned as a child when participating in chain letters, as I mentioned earlier.

But you might think it could be worth the risk – who does not want the freedom it could give to make that kind of money? But before joining and investing anything, you first need to know what you would need to invest.

Recommended: See How I Make $6K+ Online Every Month

What does it cost to join TooDamnEasy?

For a cash gifting system to work, people of course need to make an investment. When I was a child and participated in chain letters, it was maybe 10 packages of chewing gum that was the investment so the risk was not so high:-) But the investment for TooDamnEasy will be a lot more.

You are, however, not told about this until you sign up for “Q´s” newsletter. When you sign up for this, you will get access to a 25 pages long PDF file that explains how amazing the system is.

It even shows phone numbers you can call to hear people talk about how much money they make, so if you did not get enough of that by hearing Q talk about this in the video, there are plenty of more like this:-)

In the PDF you will also see what your investment will be to join. There are initially 3 different options you can choose from depending on how much money you want to make.

The minimum buy-in will be $2000, and there are some extra administrative fees, so the actual cost will actually be a minimum of $2400.

But as you are also told in the description – if you want to make more money, you should invest more. “Q” for example mentions he had a dream about owning a Lamborghini, so he put in $18000 in the black option, and had made enough cash to buy it in just 60 days.

In addition to these memberships, there is another membership option you can only get access to by private invitation – here you will have to pay $100,000.

This is a lot of money to invest, and you have to send the money in cash within 24 hours after joining, but if you could get the earnings “Q” claims, it would definitely be a good investment.

But before considering whether you are willing to invest $2400 or maybe even $18000, just remember that in these kinds of systems, it is mostly just the people at the top that will earn, and that will NOT be you.

If that is not enough, let me show you some warning signs you, in my opinion, definitely have to consider before investing any kind of money.

So is TooDamnEasy a scam? Spot the red flags

In my opinion, there are many red flags and warning signs when it comes to TooDamnEasy. This does not mean it cannot work for you and that you do not have the chance to earn.

But there are, in my opinion, some risks you definitely need to be aware of so you go into it with open eyes if you decide to join.

Let me show them to you, and then you can decide for yourself, if you would classify it as a scam, or if you are willing to invest or not.

Red flag #1 – It is built as a pyramid:

You have probably heard about pyramid schemes before reading this article, and I have already mentioned it several times as well.

Systems that are built like a pyramid are just not made to make everyone money but made to make the people at the top money.

This model is a big red flag on its own, in my opinion, and you should be very careful about joining any system where the main way to make money is to get other people to invest.

In theory, they can work, but it is risky and you can end up losing a lot of money if you are not careful.

Red flag #2 – You can earn just by sending a postcard:

The main tool you will get to promote and make money is a premade postcard.

Even though the postcard might look convincing, it is not a promotional method, I would be willing to risk $2000 to get access to. And the whole idea is that by sending these to people, you will start earning.

It sounds very easy, but quick solutions or not always real solutions.

Just think about it – would a postcard like this really convince you to invest thousands of dollars? Can you imagine how many you would have to send to get anyone to join?

When it comes to making money, in general, there is no sure way to get rich fast – it will require you to work hard and make an effort. In my opinion, it is NOT very realistic to actually make money just by sending these postcards.

It is definitely not something I would bet on myself – especially not considering how much you have to bet.

Red flag #3 – You do not know who the owner is:

The video does not show the face of the guy talking. You can just see his hands and hear his voice. There is also no picture on any of the websites he owns.

He does not even use a real name. He just calls himself Q – the cash gifting expert.

Personally, I would never hand over $2400 to a guy who is just calling himself Q, and who is not showing his face, but that might be different for you.

For me, it is a sign he has something to hide, and I would never hand over this kind of money to somebody I did not really know who is. This is definitely something you have to consider before investing.

Red flag #4 – The video is all about money:

One really big red flag, in my opinion, is when a program or system does not tell anything about how the system actually works, but just makes a long video about how much money they make.

I feel like I wasted 15 minutes of my life by watching that video – it was just a guy going on, and on, and on, and on, about how much money he makes, without ever giving any real information.

When any system claims that you can make this kind of money overnight and become rich with more or less no effort, you should stop and step back.

It might happen on a few rare occasions, but for most of us it will just not be the reality. Building any kind of income or business will take time, effort, and dedication.

The systems that are trying to sell you the dream about becoming rich this easily are usually just out to get your money by feeding and exploiting the dream about financial independence and freedom many of us have.

Red flag #5 – It costs $2400 to get started:

The initial investment for getting started with TooDamnEasy is very high. It would of course not be high if the system really works. And a high investment can sometimes be necessary to get a business going.

But when thinking about what the system is and the red flags I have shown you, are you then really willing to invest this kind of money? And are you willing to send this kind of money in cash to a person you do not even know the name of? I am definitely not.

Are there legit and better alternatives?

I definitely do not recommend you to invest your hard-earned money in TooDamnEasy. It is very risky, and in my opinion not a long term way to build a good income.

If you are serious about building your own income and become financially free, building an online business can be a great way to do this.

But do not go for the programs that promise, you can become rich overnight by investing thousands of dollars in their program without really telling you what it is about – then you might as well just invest in TooDamnEasy.

If you want to learn how to build an online business step-by-step, I would recommend you to check out my top recommended way to build a business.

You can test the training there for free, and this is how I have been able to create a full-time online income myself.

Let me be honest – it will not make you rich overnight. You will have to make an effort and dedicate some time, but if you are willing to do this, it is probably the best way to make a legit income online.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences about TooDamnEasy yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

Cash Gifting Program Delivers $60,000 In One Day! (VIDEO)

Cash Gifting Program Bends Reality And Delivers $60k Yearly Salary In One Day!

I don’t care what anybody says – when you can have a $60,000 yearly salary, delivered in cash, to your front door … that’s some power that’ll blow your mind and make you rethink having a boss!

From The Cash Gifting Expert …

So … you’re looking at Cash Gifting. Good move! I’ve been doing it for 20+ years now and I’ve had months better than $430,000. Not bad right? It wasn’t always that way though. It started out like $4,000 a week. Then $10,000 a week. Then $30,000 a week. Well … you get the picture. I won’t rub it in your face any more than I have to, but here’s my point … Cash Gifting is a freakin money machine!

When I first started, I did over $80,000 in my first 4 months and that was 20 years ago. Now … IT’S EVEN EASIER! I have an automated system that causes HUGE CROWDS OF PEOPLE to ship me and my team cash in a box, and we never have to chase anybody. They all call us first!

I know, it’s strange right? You’re probably asking yourself “Do people actually do that?” Well … yeah … they do. You just don’t know about it because you’ve probably got your head buried in a cubicle at a traditional J-O-B from 9 to 5, but here’s the reality …

When the shit hits the fan and the economy tanks, and markets crash, and there’s skyrocketing inflation, and bosses don’t want to pay a living wage – suddenly people become very open-minded to alternative ways of getting ahead, so they can stop the bleeding.

The reality is that average people are using Cash Gifting to rake in thousands and thousands of dollars!

But before you get all giddy and start jumping up and down, running all over your house, acting stupid and stuff (That’s what people on my team tend to do when they know a box of cash is on the way) … I want you to realize that there’s a lot of Cash Gifting Programs out there, but 98% of them are failing! So don’t be fooled! A lot of these programs are fly-by-night and thrown together by some copycat who set up a computer in his grandmother’s basement. Me … I’ve been doing this for 20+ years and I’ve made millions!

I have people using my system right now who are having $12,000 days – $30,000 weeks – and six figure months, but I’m not going to bore you to death with a bunch of hype – trying to convince you. It’s not my style and frankly, I just don’t need to. Anyone with a pulse and a brain can see that this works. Just subscribe to my newsletter below and I’ll show you first hand, then you can make your own decision.

PS: Samantha, who’s on my team, paid off a $29,283.06 credit card bill in 5 days, doing what I’m doing! You can see her testimonial inside, among others.

Q, The Cash Gifting Expert

1 (618) 355-1519 (Recorded Msg.)

Subscribe To Download My System Now!

Too Damn Easy Review

In this Too Damn Easy review you’ll learn about a cash gifting pyramid scheme so bizarre, you have to see it to believe it.

Can you seriously get complete strangers to send you tens of thousands of dollars in the mail?

Too Damn Easy Review

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting scam that looks for naive people to send away their hard earned money in the hopes of getting back thousands of dollars in the mail from other complete strangers.

Everything about this platform is a red flag, from its compensation plan all the way to the top where you find its completely anonymous founder only known as “Q”.

What is Cash Gifting?

Cash gifting dates back way before the internet. (Yes, kids, there was this whole crazy, black and white world that actually existed before the internet.)

It’s a pyramid scheme where money is exchanged, but there is no actual service rendered.

This is what makes pyramid schemes illegal. Payments are promised for enrolling others into the same scheme.

This type of scheme used to be popular with chain letters.

You would receive a letter in the mail with 5 names and addresses on it and instructions that you are to follow.

Step 1: send $1 to each of the names and addresses on the letter.

Step 2: remove the top name, move the other 4 names up one spot, and put your name and address in the 5th spot.

Step 3: send this new letter with its instructions out to 10 (or more) random people.

The premise here is that when you sent your chain letter out to 10 people, those 10 will send to 10 more, who will send to 10 more, and so on.

By the time your name goes up the ranks you’ll have received potentially thousands of random letters from people each with $1 inside.

What more do you need to know? You’re rich!

Yeah. Not quite.

As you well know, these things NEVER work!

Too Damn Easy is putting a modern spin on a dated pyramid scheme aimed at finding VERY GULLIBLE PEOPLE.

Related Article at WorkFromYourLaptop.com! Check out “Is Affiliate Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?” to see the difference between affiliate marketing and schemes like this one.

How Does Too Damn Easy Work? – The Many Red Flags

Cost: $2k – $18k

When you arrive at the Too Damn Easy website, you’re greeted with an out of focus video showing a super close up of 600 stacked $100 bills.

You’ll see stacks of money on the floor, stacks of money on a table, and stacks of money in a cash counting machine.

The man behind Too Damn Easy is simply known as “Q”. There is literally nothing more you know about him. You hear his voice, but never see his face.

Most of Q’s videos follow this same bizarre theme.

This is a HUGE RED FLAG.

Once you enroll into the system, you are provided with the Too Damn Easy instructions:

Think about all the things you’ve been warned to stay away from when it comes to online scams. Too Damn Easy will have all these red flags popping up and more.

As you can see from the instructions Q provides, you will use his tools provided to reach out to completely random people to invite them in on the scheme.

The main tool is a two sided postcard pictured above. You don’t have to say or do anything except mail it out. It will do all the talking for you.

It amazes me that anyone in their right mind would take this seriously.

To be asked to send a minimum of $2000 off to a stranger after reading a postcard like that should raise every single red flag you’ve ever imagined in your entire life!

Let’s recap:

You buy in for a minimum $2000 (Q’s levels go up all the way to sending off $18,000 if you can believe that).

You download Q’s awesome postcards loaded with his persuasive mastery. You have your own referral number placed on these postcards.

When you send these out to the masses, people will follow the instructions and login to the Too Damn Easy website and enter your referral number.

They will then be closed by Q where he convinces them to buy into the Too Damn Easy system. They pay their $2000 which would go to you and then they download their postcards and send them out to the masses, etc…

Like many online scams, Too Damn Easy preys on the minds of the gullible and desperate. There are still those out there who believe if they read something online then it must be true.

Additionally, Q has 10 different domains he’s running this program off of.











There’s also a phone line you can call where you can listen to him talk about his sweet success. He offers up testimonials and vague “proof” of the validity of his system.

He even has it set up so you can download information if you’re calling from A FAX MACHINE. I said at the onset you had to see it to believe it, right?

Even more bizarre, you also get access to a 25 page eBook that is 100% useless in my opinion.

Yes, it is actually 25 pages. It explains the whole process in detail and touches on the different levels you can buy into.

Too Damn Easy Buy-In Levels

I don’t usually throw the “scam” word around lightly.

In fact, with 99% of my reviews, I go out of my way to let you know that, while some opportunities may be ripoffs or not worth your time, they are not actually scams by definition.

They tend to always have some sort of product or service that you receive that makes them legal.

This is not one of those opportunities.

There is NO product or service here! None. Zero. This is all about sending out your hard earned cash in the mail because a postcard told you to do it.

And we still don’t even know who Q is.

Final Thoughts

Too Damn Easy is a cash gifting scam that preys on the minds of the gullible and desperate. You’re asked to invest thousands into a scheme where you literally send your money to strangers.

The founder is a faceless, nameless person going by “Q”. The marketing materials used by this scheme are absurd and even comical. There is no product or service being sold here. There is no benefit to any potential customers.

This is the modern equivalent of sending out chain letters, except instead of sending out a dollar, you’re sending out thousands.


If you’re interested in a MUCH better solution, check out my full review of the affiliate marketing training platform I owe all my success to here: Wealthy Affiliate Review 2022. It’s straightforward, AFFORDABLE, and the training delivers.

Have any questions for me? Have you even seen a scheme this bizarre?

Leave your questions and comments in the comments section below. I always reply and I look forward to hearing from you.

Too Damn Easy Cash Gifting Review

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I’m Peter founder of Let’s Work Online. I research and review online business opportunities or money making programs. I will only recommend products that I feel are legitimate and I will tell you which ones to avoid. I also share my knowledge for starting and growing an online business from one of your passions.

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