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Welcome to ehTV! Our channel is deticated to sharing our adventures on and off the trail. ATV, SXS, and all things off-road related. We mainly focus on conquering extreme terrain with our Can Am Renegade Xmr1000r’s, And Polaris highLifters. We hope you’ll subscribe and enjoy our regular uploaded video’s provided 2-3 times weekly. We’d like to give a shoutout to our Sponsors for their supporting our adventures.
Thank you BayMarine in Trenton Ontario, Jim Thompsons Chrysler in Kingston Ontario, and Dirtylife.ca out of Stirling Ontario.

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qsc clutch – Quang Silic

Nothing performs better for racers or mud and skeg rers. QSC Rev-X RMT Primary Clutch – Can-Am ATV. Author: www.rvsperformance.com; Date: 15 …

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QSC Rev X -vs- STM 3P Primary Clutch – Can-Am ATV Forum

I have deced to go with the QSC Rev-X. But as we all know these clutches are expensive. So should I go ahead and get the STM secondary now …

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QSC Rev X -vs- STM 3P Primary Clutch – Can-Am talk

The title says it all. I have 30 inch Blackwater Evo’s. I trail re and drag race my buddies. Does one of them have better trail manners or …

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Install and Testing QSC Rev X Primary Clutch On My RENEGADE
Install and Testing QSC Rev X Primary Clutch On My RENEGADE

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  • Author: eh TV
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  • Date Published: 2019. 4. 21.
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QSC REV X RMT Primary Clutch – Renegade/ Outlander/ Maverick OG

Over the last decade or so of building primary clutches we set out to build a clutch that would appeal to all riders. Deep mud and water with massive tires, high speed aggressive trail riders, racers of all kinds, and just the average rider looking for a big bump in performance. In doing so we created the rev x rmt “race/mud/trial”. -durability was at the top of the list. We want you to feel you got your moneys worth. We started with the wear parts, the rollers in the spider are almost 3/4′ diameter and nearly 1″ long to support the load of the shift arms. The buttons are a massive 7/8″ diameter. This aids in keeping the moveable sheave square with the belt and prolongs clutch life. We went to a steel supported bushing in the shift arms with high performance plastic thrust washers, and the two way sealed bearing is redesigned with a shrouded thrust bushing. The moveable sheave was designed with additional bracing for high rpm, and the back sheave is 50% thicker than the previous Rev X. -if performance is what you are looking for you will not be disappointed. Wide open throttle performance at low speed is mental, acceleration is unmatched, and the top speed capability is so high you will exceed the speed rating on almost any ATV tire. Part throttle belt squeeze is incredible. It’s great for those massive mud tires, starting off on steep hills, and helps with low speed control like climbing over obstacles or loading up on those steep ramps into the bed of your truck. -all clutches will need to be serviced at some point, a belt box full of water or just a ton of miles on the clutch. We focused on a design that you can service yourself, either in your garage or back at camp so you can get back to riding. The spider is removeable without any special tools, which is an industry first in the billet clutch world. We offer a “drive coupling removal tool” which removes the drive coupling to service or replace the 2 way bearing. This clutch was designed around the factory belt because that’s what your machine came with when it was new. We expanded the tolerance of the clutch to accept the “Evolution Powersports Bad Ass EX” belt which is wider than the OEM, and will increase off idle belt squeeze and top speed. The Gates Redline belt will also work well with this clutch.

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