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2013 Shadow 3 Horse 8 Wide Living quarter Special Priced at $51,995

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Shadow Trailers for Sale – Horse Trailer World

2023 3 horse Shadow Getaway 9′ Living Quarters. $59,880. 2023 3 horse Shadow Getaway 9′ Living Quarters. Gooseneck; Slant load; Forest Hill, MD …

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Date Published: 1/12/2021

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For Sale: Shadow Horse Trailers

– 46′ Overall Length – 8.5′ We – 8′ Tall – 24′ Garage/Cargo Space – 14′ Living Quarters w/Manual Sle Out – Empty Weight: 11,840 – GVWR: 17,340 – (2) 8000# …

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Date Published: 2/14/2022

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Horse Trailers Galore – Pinterest

Jun 27, 2018 – New Shadow 3 Horse Gooseneck trailer with Living Quarters for sale in TN by Shadow Trailer World of Tennessee.

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Date Published: 2/29/2021

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3 Horse Trailer Shadow Living Quarter
3 Horse Trailer Shadow Living Quarter

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Is shadow a good horse trailer?

American made with quality construction and great value, Shadow Horse trailers are the perfect choice for serious horse enthusiasts, whether it be a luxury living quarters or a simpler bumper tow model.

What is the smallest horse trailer with living quarters?

The Horizon 6904 Living Quarter screams “Take me camping.” One of the smallest living quarters Sundowner offers, this all aluminum trailer is available in a 2 to 10 horse. The 6904 comes standard with an air conditioner, microwave, cook top, and full bathroom with shower and toilet.

Who makes Shadow trailer?

Shadow Trailer Inc is one of the fastest growing Aluminum Horse Trailer Manufacturer in the United States. Proudly built by american horse people for the American Horse population.

What are the top rated horse trailers with living quarters?

6 Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters
  1. Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer. Cimarron Norstar Horse Trailer – Image courtesy of Cimarron Trailers. …
  2. Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer with Hay Pod. …
  3. Platinum Coach Outlaw. …
  4. Featherlite Country Estate Villa. …
  5. Sundowner Special Edition Series. …
  6. Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters.

How much does a shadow horse trailer weigh?

Trailer width: 6’4″ Inside height: 7′ Curb weight: 2820 lbs.

Is a horse trailer a utility trailer?

Utility trailer means any trailer, semitrailer or pole trailer and includes house trailers that exceed neither eight feet in width nor forty feet in length, but does not include freight trailers, trailers of less than one-ton carrying capacity used to transport animals or fertilizer trailers of less than three thousand …

How heavy is a 3 horse trailer with living quarters?

A 3 horse trailer weight starts at 2,920 pounds and can go up to as much as 10,000 pounds once you add a living area. Some 3 horse models are bumper-pull trailers. These are lighter than their gooseneck horse trailer cousins.

What do you call a horse trailer with living quarters?

Goosenecks can be more expensive, but afford a sleeping area for long distance travels and may be easier to haul than bumper pulls. Living Quarters. There’s nothing as neat as horse trailers with living quarters, they’re just like tiny apartments on wheels with a place for your horse in back.

How long is a 3 horse trailer with living quarters?

A 3-horse trailer may be anywhere from 10 ft. to 40 ft. long. Bumper pull trailers tend to be shorter, with a length between 16 ft. to 19 ft. Gooseneck style trailers with living quarters are typically between 21 ft. to 27 ft.

Where are hawk horse trailers made?

Hawk Trailers is an employee owned, customer driven company located in Manawa, WI. Since the beginning, our goal has been to manufacture high quality horse trailers at a fair price, which exceeds your expectations. We have achieved this by listening closely to you, our valued customer.

Who makes Shadow Cruiser travel trailer?

Shadow Cruiser Travel Trailers by Cruiser RV.

What is the best brand horse trailer?

Best Horse Trailer Brands In the World
  1. Featherlite. Website: …
  2. Sundowner. Website: …
  3. Exiss. Website: …
  4. Cimarron. Website: …
  5. Trails West Trailers. Website: …
  6. Titan Trailer MFG, INC. Website: …
  7. Merhow. Website: …
  8. 4 Star Trailers.

What is the most expensive horse trailer?

This Cimarron Norstar 4HLQ trailer deserves a closer look as it is one of the biggest, most luxurious, and most expensive trailers out there. In fact, the retail price on this trailer is $222,935 – just about the same as a new Lamborghini.

What is a good brand of horse trailer?

Conclusion & Final Recommendations

Some of the mention-worthy brands include Cimarron Norstar, Lakota, Featherlite, Sundowner, etc. These trailer companies have designed their products based on expectations from horse owners and are designed for the ultimate comfort of horses.

How long is a 2 horse trailer with living quarters?

Weight (approximate without added options) 6,800lbs
Overall Box Length 18′
Overall Trailer Length with Gooseneck 25’6″
Dress Side 86″ short wall x 134″ long wall
Inside Height 7’6″

Can you live in a horse trailer?

For trail riders and those who love to spend the night at camp, horse trailers with living quarters can allow for comfortable camping after a beautiful day spent exploring the trails. For those who utilize their horse trailers for such events, the addition of living quarters to the trailer can be appealing.

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Can you sleep in a horse trailer?

Even if you do haul horses in the front stall, many folks will clean out the horse area on arrival so they end up with one large living quarter trailer. They can utilize the horse space for shower, storage, portable toilet, and sleeping.

How long is a 4 horse trailer with living quarters?

Our Price: Call For Price
Condition: new
Manufacturer: Cimarron Trailers
Model: Norstar 4 Horse Slant Load
Floor Length: 33′ 3″ or 399.00″
Width: 8′ or 96.00″

Used 2016 Shadow 3 Horse Trailer

Stock# 73495 – $44,995 – Located in Wicksburg, AL

All used trailers sit here just as they were traded in to us. If you buy one at the advertised price it will go thru our shops, all systems will be made operational, and it will be cleaned inside and out. This normally takes a few days. Once completed it will be demonstrated to you at time of pick up.

Brand Profile: Shadow Horse Trailers

Brand Profile: Shadow Horse Trailers

American made with quality construction and great value, Shadow Horse trailers are the perfect choice for serious horse enthusiasts, whether it be a luxury living quarters or a simpler bumper tow model.

Shadow is the leading manufacturer of aluminum horse trailers in the U.S., keeping the winning edge by incorporating exciting new features such as extra large rear tacks, sliding mid tacks, and large bus windows for extra ventilation and comfort in larger trailers.

Shadow Stablemate horse trailers feature lightweight and durable all-aluminum frames, interlocking aluminum floors, one piece aluminum roof and all aluminum exterior walls – all for the same price as comparable steel body trailers.

Be it living quarter models, goosenecks, bumper pulls, slant or straight loads, you can count on Shadow quality and innovation. Built and designed “for horse people, by horse people,” Shadow Trailers look for design innovation that focuses on quality, safety and affordability.

Introduced in 2006, larger living quarter Shadow Horse Trailers feature Easy Glide Slide Out Living Quarters, which add more living space while keeping the trailers affordable.

The Sliding Mid Tack features added storage space without the cost of a traditional Mid-Tack trailer. The 24-inch Sliding Mid Tack, which pulls out from the trailer, allows horsemen to comfortably reach over 900 lbs of gear without entering the trailer.

The extra large rear tack options give you unprecedented storage choices. Available in 7ft and 8ft trailers, you can open a collapsible tack wall to work out of your trailer or relocate the saddle racks into the tack stall poles.

Standard on 7ft and 8ft wide trailers are curb-side extra-large drop down bus windows and large street-side slider windows. These large windows ensure healthy, comfortable ventilation for your horses. Also available are tail-side drop windows, if more ventilation is needed.

The same high-quality construction and features including, rear door and escape door locks, white lined ceiling and horse vents, LED lights and stainless steel hinges, drop-down feed windows, folding rear tack area, and spring return and gate adjustment on gates, are available across the Shadow horse trailer line.

Shadow manufactures a complete line of living quarter trailers, with components manufactured in the U.S., as well as storage-rich goosenecks for transporting up to six horses. But, perhaps nowhere is the quality and value of the Shadow horse trailer more evident than in the bumper tow straight load models in Stablemate and Pro Series models.

Stablemates offer the durability, safety and construction of steel trailers, but are much lighter and easier to tow. The practical Stablemates are loaded with quality features at an affordable price.

Like the stablemate models, Shadow’s Pro Series models are the trailers of choice for thousands of equine enthusiasts and sportsmen, including Hall of Famers like Austin Shepard, Jody Galyean, Randy Wilson, Tom Lyons, Kobie Wood and clinician Pat Parelli.

Shadow Pro Series trailers are constructed with all aluminum tube framing and aluminum skin. Spring Leak axles, electric brakes, and Goodyear tires make for a safe, smooth ride. The rear gate and front escape doors feature a one key-one lock system.

The horse area is fully lined and insulated with 42-inch wide stalls and easily removable padded dividers. Each stall includes two tie rings, large drop feed windows and floor mats. Dress rooms include a fixed slant wall, saddle racks provisions, bridle hooks, floor mats and dome and porch lights.

With bumper pulled trailers sized for Thoroughbreds or Warmbloods, with and without dress rooms, there is a Shadow horse trailer to fit every need. See the quality and value of Shadow horse trailers at Crossroads Trailer sales, where the experts can help you find the perfect Shadow for your needs

Crossroads Trailer Sales in Newfield is NJ’s #1 RV and Trailer Dealer. Have a trailer that needs repairing? Call (856) 697-4497 or visit our service department to make sure your horse trailer is in top-condition. Happy Camping!




Living Quarters Horizon 6904 Living Quarter

The Horizon 6904 Living Quarter screams “Take me camping.” One of the smallest living quarters Sundowner offers, this all aluminum trailer is available in a 2 to 10 horse. The 6904 comes standard with an air conditioner, microwave, cook top, and full bathroom with shower and toilet. Designed with maneuverability and lighter weight in mind for smaller trucks and tighter spots, less time is spent parking and more time riding. Most floor plans also available in 7’6” and 8’ widths. Built with the quality and standards people have come to expect in a Sundowner, it carries a 3 year hitch to bumper and 8 year structural warranty.


Standard Features Coupler Adjustable Gooseneck, 2 5/16″ Load Type Slant Number of Horses 2 -10 horse Trailer Width 6′ 9″ Inside Height 7′ Stall Width 39″ Construction All aluminum Floor All aluminum Exterior Choice of skin color top half, extruded aluminum sides lower half Axles/Brakes Rubber torsion axles

4 Wheel electric brakes with safety breakaway Bumper Full width rear rubber bumper Safety Lights LED clearance and tail lights Spare Spare tire and wheel Horse Area Dividers Air flow divider(s) with pads Floor Mats In horse area Feed Doors Drop down feed door with sliding window per stall Air Gaps 2 Air gaps with Plexiglas on rump side Kick panel SunCoated™ kick panels slant wall, rump wall and rear doors Rear Door Double rear doors with Plexiglas Vent Pop-up vent per horse stall Interior Light Dome light in horse area Tie Ring 1 Outside and 2 inside tie rings per stall Rear tack Collapsible rear tack with saddle rack, tack hooks and light Walk through Door Center access door from horse area to living quarter Popular Options Rumpside window package per model* Additional dome lights Load lights Aluminum face guard Rear ramp Electric motor assist on jack Hydraulic Jack Awning Hayrack

Living Quarter

Standard Features 13,500 BTU air conditioner with heat strip Wallboard walls and ceiling Wood window frames Raised panel cabinet doors Overhead cabinets in kitchen area 3 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator 2 Burner cook top with cover, range hood

and exhaust fan with light Microwave Formica counter tops Single bowl kitchen sink TV Antenna AM/FM radio, CD player with interior and exterior speakers Day/night shades Color coordinated valances Choice of vinyl flooring with carpeted bedroom Mattress Quilt TV Stand Wardrobe and linen closet Recessed LED lights Retractable shower door Towel rack, ring and toilet paper holder Toilet Shower Power roof vent in bathroom Metal grab handle Fresh water tank 12 volt demand water pump City water hook up 32 gallon black water tank 32 gallon gray water tank Sewer dump hose and storage compartment 2 – 20lb. propane tanks with automatic change over valve 6 gallon LP gas water heater, automatic recovery Water drains and water heater bypass for easy winterizing Consumer protection seals Code approved in all 50 states Heavy duty 60 amp 12 volt power converter, battery charger 12 volt charge line to truck 12 volt battery disconnect switch Deep cycle battery 30 amp marine style 25′ power cord lifeline with 12 amp adapter 120 volt kitchen and bathroom receptacles, GFI protected All wiring checked and rechecked at 1,080 volts LP gas leak detector Smoke alarm and fire extinguisher Emergency exit windows Tempered safety glass windows in nose

with positive locks and screens Full fiberglass R7 insulation in floors, sidewalls and ceiling

All Aluminum Horse Trailers and Cargo Trailers


All-Aluminum Trailers built with durability to last for years to come

6 Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

What could be better than traveling the country, exploring new places? Well, traveling with your horse, of course! When you love horses, the thought of going on an adventure with your horse is appealing. Or perhaps you’replanning a trip around your horse, either for a competition or to simply go riding in a new area with your horse. No matter the reason, one of the best ways to travel with your horse is to do so using a horse trailer with living quarters. You can stay close and enjoy the new scenery right alongside your horse. Here are some of the best horse trailers with living quarters that are comfortable for both your family and your horses.

Cimarron Norstar Horse Trailer – Image courtesy of Cimarron Trailers

Cimarron Norstar horse trailers are engineered with style, durability, and safety, with both your family and your horses in mind. Put your own stamp on your trailer by personalizing it inside and out. There are configuration options for slant load and straight load areas for your horses. This trailer is feature-heavy and designed for safety and comfort for you and your horse. The Cimarron Norstar trailer also has an ideal combination of rustic charm with loads of features. It includes an entertainment center with a television, satellite dish, radio, CD, and DVD players. You’ll never lack for power with its inverter and generator. You’ll also appreciate the carbon dioxide detector to ensure safety when the gas stove is used. Not only is this trailer thoughtfully built, but it has more than enough room to comfortably sleep six.

Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer – Images courtesy of Equine Motorcoach

If you’re looking to transport up to six horses, the Equine Motorcoach Horse Trailer may be right for you. This massive horse transporter and RV can tow up to 40,000 pounds. There are configurations for between two and six stalls so horses can ride comfortably in a stylish mobile stable that’s configurable for straight load or slant, with ample tack and storage space. There’s also an exterior hay pod and ample storage. You have a number of options for the first-class living quarters, with many upgrades to choose from. Some of the amenities include awnings, maple cabinets, a skylight over the shower, heated flooring, additional slide outs, a 43” Smart LED television, DVD player, radio, and speakers. The roomy interior provides all the space you’ll need to enjoy this trip with your horses. With no need for multiple trucks and trailers with many drivers this has it all in one amazing motorcoach.

Platinum Coach Outlaw – images courtesy of Platinum Coach

If you’re seeking an affordably-priced option with comfortable and convenient amenities, the Platinum Coach Outlaw trailer is a great option for you. Not only can it accommodate up to five horses, but it also comes with some wonderful features in the living quarters like a sleeper sofa and an HDTV. There’s also a large tack storage area and individual side windows for your horses. You can’t beat this budget-friendly option that will check off your requirements.

The Country Estate Villa provides luxury-class lodging in a 53’ model. The living area features upscale amenities like an electric fireplace, a copper vessel sinks, solid maple cabinetry, a gas stove, hardwood floors, a 32-inch flat-screen television, XM Satellite Radio, and more. Not only does this trailer offer top-of-the-line features, but you can customize the features and decor to your choosing. There is even an outdoor entertainment area with a second TV, refrigerated drawers to hold drinks, a hot water spigot for coffee and tea, and an 18’ awning for protection from the weather. The inside living area of this trailer is a massive 33’ long and features four slide-outs for extra space. Your horses also get to travel in luxury. They have custom deluxe stall pads, mangers, and a no-slip spray-on floor lining. There’s a three-horse upper-deck slant load area. Additionally, there’s a one-horse straight load area behind the living quarters with a changeable stall configuration that can store a golf cart if needed. Whatever you need, this Featherlite horse trailer has it in style!

Sundowner Special Edition Series Trailer – image courtesy of Sundown Trailers

Sundowner is known for its quality and offers a large range of models from budget-friendly to luxury. The Special Edition Series is the luxury offering with larger living quarters and more upscale features that can compete with most other luxury horse trailers. The options available can accommodate up to four horses and a full family. Amenities include a fireplace, dishwasher, indoor and outdoor flat-screen TVs, laundry machine, gorgeous wood cabinetry. And the trailer is completely automated to be easily managed by a touch-button control panel. Sundowner is one of the few trailer manufacturers that builds the living quarters and the trailer at the same facility by the same company, which provides one easy point-of-contact for service, an added benefit.

Trail Boss Custom Living Quarter – Images Courtesy of Trail Boss Conversions

Why buy a trailer off a lot when you can design your own to fit your needs? If this sounds appealing to you, then look no further than Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters. This company offers all of the luxury features in the living space that many of the other trailers provide, with over 15 custom floor plans and designs. There are a lot of options to choose from, and they have an extensive gallery of photos. Additionally, their design center can help you to select your design style, color palette, features, and it also shows how to best use the space available. They walk you through every step of the process and have been designing custom signature interiors for over 30 years, so they know what customers value.

Buying a horse trailer with living quarters is an investment you’ll make for your family, and that includes your horse. The options we’ve shared here offer an array of appealing options to choose from for your traveling adventures.

OK, so technically the Sundowner Charter is not a horse trailer with living quarters, however, when going to local shows that don’t require an overnight it sure is nice to have a smaller horse trailer. Our friends over Ken Feagin Truck & Trailer shared that the Sundowner 2 Horse Bumper Pull is their bestselling horse trailer, and for good reason. The Sundowner has industry-leading build quality, and at 7’6” tall it offers plenty of room for large horses. The standard features provide a comfortable ride and proper ventilation. This is an all-aluminum trailer so it looks great and you get the benefit of it being a lighter trailer for hauling. With an 8-year warranty on the main trailer structure, this horse trailer is made to last.

Local to the Southeastern region? Check out Ken Feagin Truck & Trailer for all your horse trailer needs!

Serving the Southeast truck, trailer, and equestrian industry for over forty years, they have been involved in the horse, rodeo, and automotive business since the beginning. Choose from a variety of pre-owned options or get started on ordering your dream trailer from Sundowner or Homestead today!

If your travels take you to California, check out 10 Best Spots for Horseback Riding in California. Find other great options for horse essentials in our tack selection. Every product we carry has been vetted by our experienced staff and has high ratings from our customers.

Shadow Trailers for Sale

Shadow Trailers for Sale

Shadow Trailer prides itself on providing an unmatched quality experience for horse owners of all kinds. They are proud to offer the option to customize your own Shadow through one of their many dealers. They can modify any trailer to meet your specific needs, and have many choices of beautiful fabric and wood available for custom manufactured living quarters. Shadow Trailer prides itself on providing an unmatched quality experience for horse owners of all kinds. They are proud to offer the option to customize your own Shadow through one of their many dealers. They can modify any trailer to meet your specific needs, and have many choices of beautiful fabric and wood available for custom manufactured living quarters.

The Shadow Trailer team is made up of some of the most skilled craftsmen in the trailer manufacturing industry combined with very knowledgeable horsemen and women. Together they strive to provide you with the best value for your investment as well as the greatest level of customer satisfaction.

Shadow Trailer started with a vision of building a practical, comfortable horse trailer that is easy to pull, easy to use, and built with quality, American-made material, and is now America’s favorite horse trailer. Shadow is one of the most innovative horse trailer manufacturers with all of our components made by American craftsmen that are the best in the business.

Official website


951 SW 21st Place,Williston, FL 32696 USA

Contact Information

Telephone: 352-529-2190

Fax: 352-529-2185

Email: [email protected]

For Sale: Shadow Horse Trailers, Living Quarters, Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

New / Used: Any Condition New Used Demo

Make: Any Make 4 Star Trailer Bloomer Trailers Calico Trailers Cimarron Trailers Exiss Trailers Featherlite Trailers Lakota Trailers Logan Coach Platinum Coach Shadow Trailer SMC Trailers Sundowner Trailers Trails West Trailers 4 Star Trailer A. Winchester Star Adam Adventurer Truck Campers Air Tow Aliner Aluma Trailers Aluminum Trailer Company American Hauler Industries American Spirit Atlas Speciality Trailers B-Wise Banens Trailers Barrett Becker Custom Trailers Bee Horse Trailer Better Built Trailers Inc Big 10 Trailers Big Bend Big Tex Trailers Bison Trailer Black Mountain Trailer BlackHawk Trailers Bloomer Trailers Blue Ribbon Trailers Blue Ridge bnd trailers Bockmann Branson Tractors Bravo Trailers Brenderup Trailers Bri-Mar Manufacturing LLC Bruton Trailers C and C Trailers C&B Quality Trailers Calico Trailers Cam Superline Cargo Craft Cargo Express Cargo Mate Trailers CargoPro Trailers Carry-On Trailer Corp Cato Chaparral Trailers Charmac Trailers Cherokee Trailers Chevrolet Cimarron Trailers Circle D Circle J Trailers Circle W Classic Trailers CM Trailers Coffee Creek MFG Collin Arndt Continental Cargo Coose Trailer Mfg Corn Pro Cotner Trailers Inc Covered Wagon Trailers Cox Signature Series Criterion Trailers Cross Trailers Currahee Trailers Custom Classic Trailers Custom Fab Cynergy Cargo Davidson Trailers LLC Delco Trailers MFG Delta Trailers Diamond C Trailers Diamond D Diamond T Discovery Trailers Dixie Tuff Dodge Doolittle Trailer Mfg Double D Trailers Double R Trailers Down 2 Earth Trailers Dream Coach Trailer Dutchmen Manufacturing DV Trailers Dynamax E-Z Hauler by Mission Trailers Eagle Trailer East Texas Trailers East to West INC Eby Trailers Eclipse Aluminum Trailers Elite Trailers Equine Motorcoach EquiSpirit Trailer Co ETS Trailers Exiss Trailers Extreme Road & Trail EZ Dumper LLC Fabform fast cargo trailers Featherlite Trailers Ford Forest River Formula Trailers Freedom Trailers Freightliner Frontier Aluminum Trailers Galyean Equipment GMC Gooseneck Gore Trailers GR Trailers LLC Griffin Gulf Stream HandH Trailers Hardeebilt Trailers Inc Harmar Hart Horse Trailers Haulmark Trailers Hawk Trailers Hawke Trailers Heartland Hefty High Country Trailers Hillsboro Industries Holmes Holmes Homesteader Hoosier Horse Trailers Horton Trailers Hughes Trailers Icon Trailers Impact Innovative Trailer Mfg InTech RV InTech Trailers Integrity Trailers International Interstate 1 Iron Bull IronStar Beds Jackson Manufacturing Inc Jamco Trailers K and K Trailers Kenworth Keystone Kiefer Built Kiefer Manufacturing Kingston Trailers KZ RV Lakota Trailers Lance Lark Legend Manufacturing Inc Load Max Trailers Load Rite Load Trail Trailers Logan Coach Lone Oak Smokers Lone Wolf Longhorn Trailers Longhorn Trailers LOOK Trailers LWL Trailers Mahindra Maverick Trailers Maxum Trailers Maxxim Trailers Maynard Fabricating Mercedes Benz Merhow Merritt Trailers Midsota Miley Trailers Mirage Trailers Mission Morgan Built Inc Moritz Motiv Trailers MTI Trailers Mustang Horse Trailers N & N Trailers Nash Car Trailers Neckover Trailers Nexhaul Nextrail Horse Trailers NeXus RV Norstar Northern Lite nuCamp Octane Trailers Open Range Trailers Oreion Motors other P and P P&T Trailers Pace American Palomino RV Pegasus Vans and Trailers Performance Trailers Phoenix Coach Works PJ Trailers Platinum Coach Ponderosa Trailers Primo Trailer MFG Corp Puma Trailers LLC Punchy Quality Trailers R & R Trailers Ranch King RawMaxx Trailers Regency RV Reyes Trailers Rice Trailers River Valley Trailer Company LLC Riverside RV Rockin S Rogers Trailers Rolls Rite Trailers Royal Cargo Trailers Royal T Trailers RPM-CO S and H S&S Duraline Safr Horse Trailers SC Trailers Schwalbe Trucks Shadow Trailer Shetron Manufacturing LLC Shoop SIC Metals Sidekick Sierra Trailers Silver Mountain SilverLite Trailers Silverstar Trailers Sirius Trailers Ski-Doo SMC Trailers Snake River Trailer Company SnoPro Trailers Sooner Trailers Southern Classic Southern Sales Inc Sport Haven SportChassis Stagecoach Stallion Horse Trailers Starlite Stealth Enterprises LLC Sterling Coach Stidham Stoll Trailers Inc Storm Trailers Sundowner Trailers Superior Trailers Of Ga Inc Sure-Trac Swift Built T-Rex Trailers Take 3 Trailers TCS Trailers Texas Bragg Enterprises Texas Stock Thor Motor Coach Thunder Trailers Thuro-Bilt Trailers Tidewater Trailers Titan Implement Titan Trailer Top Hat Trailers Trail Riders Inc Trail-Et Trailer World Trailers USA Inc Trails West Trailers Travalong Travalum Triple B and J Trailers Triple Crown Trailers Tuff Trailer Turnbow Twi-Lite Trailers Twister TYM Tractors Valley Venture RV Vintage Trailers LTD Weber Wells Cargo Wilson Trailer Company Winnebago Winston World Trailers Worthington Trailers Wrangler Trailers WW Trailers Wyatt Xpress Trailer Group Yacht Club Trailers

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Shadow Pro Series 6H Head to Head

Subcategory Horse Trailers Brand Shadow Year 2016 Model Pro Series 6H He… Pull Type Gooseneck Living Quarters No

REDUCED! ! Found the trailer I want and need to move this one! Very hard to find 2016 Shadow Pro …

2022 Shadow 2 Horse Plus Pack II Living Quarter in London, OH

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