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National Champion Shadow Oak Bo competing at the Sunshine Open All Age at Chinquapin Plantation in Florida with Robin Gate handling in October 2014.

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Pedigree Search – Gundog Central

Search Database For : ; 2 X NAT CH SHADOW OAK BO FEMALE FOR SALE – 1402588128, English Setter, F ; 2X CHAMMPION SHADOW OAK BO PUPS – 1405541687, English Setter …

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Date Published: 7/10/2022

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English Setter puppies for sell by 2xNat Ch Shadow Oak Bo

English setter puppies for sale by 2x National Champion Shadow Oak Bo and a direct daughter of Champion Hytest Skyhawk.

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Date Published: 1/27/2022

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English Setters Home – Kelley Ridge Kennels

NBHA National Amateur RU Puppy of the Year 2018-19 season. … Freckles Db. Bred Shadow Oak Bo. This is Jack. He is the sire of Lucy’s 2017 puppies.

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Date Published: 8/25/2022

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Shadow Oak Bo offsping – Gun Dog Forum

I have seen pups for sale from him but my question is……. Does he reproduce himself. IMO there are a lot of great bird dogs out there that …

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Date Published: 6/5/2022

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Birch is Bred to Shadow Oak Bo! – DeCoverly Kennels

An exciting breeding for the future of the kennel, Shadow Oak Bo was two time … This litter will not be offered for sale, instead all kept and evaluated …

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Date Published: 10/13/2021

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2X NAT CH SHADOW OAK BO – Santee River Kennels

Details. Nick Name, 2X NAT CH SHADOW OAK BO. Breed, English Setter. Sex, Male. Whelped Date, Not Available. Price, Not For Sale …

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Date Published: 4/28/2021

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주제와 관련된 더 많은 사진을 참조하십시오 Shadow Oak Bo – 2014 Sunshine Open All Age. 댓글에서 더 많은 관련 이미지를 보거나 필요한 경우 더 많은 관련 기사를 볼 수 있습니다.

Shadow Oak Bo - 2014 Sunshine Open All Age
Shadow Oak Bo – 2014 Sunshine Open All Age

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Shadow Oak Bo & Champion Bird Dogs

About Our Dogs

Well-bred and trained, seasoned pointing, flushing and retrieving dogs are essential for a fantastic and memorable plantation quail hunt. No way around it, everything centers around the gundogs. First the pointing dogs’ ability to locate and accurately pin birds for the gun; then for the flushing/retrieving dogs to get them in the air and to retrieve the shot birds quickly to hand, having marked their fall. And they must do it all with class! We are proud of our English Setters, Pointers, GSPs, Labrador Retrievers and English Cocker Spaniels. They are at the heart of Shadow Oak Plantation’s quail hunting. Their talent, determination, enthusiasm and athleticism adds a thrill to every hunt for their elusive prey, the Bobwhite quail. And when the dogs are not busy doing their jobs, they are affectionate and looking for that pat on the head or biscuit that says “well done”!

Many of our bird dogs are selectively bred at our kennel and bear the Shadow prefix. As a critical part of the Shadow Oak team, our dogs are exceptionally well cared for in our spacious kennels. Dogs are expertly trained and conditioned in the late spring and early fall so they are ready, polished and eager to do their jobs finding, pointing, flushing and retrieving game come quail season. Quail Season is approaching fast, reserve your dates.

Shadow Oak Plantation owner Butch Houston is a renowned bird dog man and upland bird hunting enthusiast. He has bred and trained bird dogs as well as guided quail hunts. For the past 40 years he has campaigned pointers and English setters on the major field trial circuits with top professional handlers, primarily dogs competing on the Open All-Age circuit with trainer/handler Robin Gates. No name in the field trial world earns more respect than the name “Gates” as Robin’s father John S. Gates and brother John Rex Gates are both honored members of the Field Trial Hall of Fame. Also in the HOF is Butch’s great champion pointer Joe Shadow from where the name “Shadow” Oak Plantation is derived. Other field trial champions include: Ch. Silky Sullivan, Ch. Live Oaks Bo, Ch. Lady Addition, Ch. Flint Shoals John, Ch. Phillips White Twist, Ch. Law And Order, Ch. Shadow’s Back Talk, Ch. Three Rivers and currently being campaigned, Ch. Shadow’s Next Exit, 2016 Purina Derby of the Year.

Most famous of all, Butch’s English Setter Shadow Oak Bo rocked the field trial world with his back-to-back wins of the most coveted of all, the National Bird Dog Championship in 2013 and again in 2014! No setter had won the grueling three-hour endurance stake held on the Ames Plantation in Grand Junction, TN in 43 years. And no Setter had won back-to-back since the great female Llewellin Sioux won in 1901 and 1902. Bo’s list of field trial championship wins also includes the 2011 Continental Open All-Age Championship run on the prestigious Dixie Plantation, Greenville, Florida. Retired in 2016, Bo now lives a life of luxury at Shadow Oak Plantation.

No where else but at Shadow Oak Plantation can you shoot over the progeny of such a famous and illustrious champion as Shadow Oak Bo! His accomplishment was so noteworthy, he had a featured story in Dec/Jan 2015 issue of Garden & Gun magazine with his image adorning the cover.

Shadow Oak Plantation’s “Trophy Room” located behind the bar in the great room of the lodge displays photographs, awards, engraved trophies and silver cups won by many of Butch’s great field trial champions. A lifetime spent around proven champion bird dogs sets a high standard for Butch, exemplified by the bird dogs at Shadow Oak Plantation. Come quail hunt with us this season!

English Setter puppies for sell by 2xNat Ch Shadow Oak Bo

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Gun Dog Forum

Post by Kellym » Wed May 27, 2015 7:41 am

KwikIrish wrote: I find find this concept interesting. Sometimes I want to ask, is it really all on Bo’s shoulders to reproduce himself? If people are seeing mediocre dogs sired by Bo, you’re more likely to hear about that than almost any other sire who is producing mediocre offspring. Why? Because he is Bo. He’s being bred to a plethora of bitches. Great dog bred to a substandard bitch is not something I find exciting. I’d almost see two really good dogs bred. I’m not trying to imply this is the case for your particular litter, just a generally statement regarding grading Bo’s production quality overall.

Parting thought, sometimes we have the anomaly. A dog who is spectacular, and who’s cards all fell in place, but can’t produce better than himself. Again, not saying this is the case, just food for thought.

I agree with this statement. You can’t expect a great dog if you breed a great dog to a mediocore dog. You can reproduce the bad just as easy as you can reproduce the good. But unfortunatley you can sometimes take two great dogs and breed them and not get great puppies. That said your chances are much better to match great to great. However some great dogs just don’t reproduce great dogs. Time will tell with my pup. She comes from two great dogs with with lots of wins and champions in the pedigree. She will be socialized, puppy deveoloped, and trained and given every chance to be a great dog.So I totally agree with you and thats exaclty why I started this post. Bo is obviously a phenomenal speciman, and Im sure he as been bred to some really nice females but what are the results of some of these matches?

Birch is Bred to Shadow Oak Bo!

An exciting breeding for the future of the kennel, Shadow Oak Bo was two time National Champion at Ames. He has good sense and good looks and should have a nice impact on upcoming generations. This litter will not be offered for sale, instead all kept and evaluated for bird sense ,nose, structure, trainability, hips and ears.

“Win is a delightful part of our family. He likes to be with us and is very affectionate. He is content to lie close and is not demanding of anything except when he see the guns. Then he’s a wild pup. My next dog will be from you.” D.V. – MI


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» Puppies for Sale

Northwoods Bird Dogs is now producing the eighth generation of English setters and sixth generation of pointers. Jerry and Betsy are committed to producing top quality dogs from the best dams and sires in the country. They strive for puppies that have it all—excellent physical conformation, superior instincts, intelligence and wonderful dispositions. With proper environment and training, their puppies will mature into outstanding dogs, whether in the woods and fields or in the home.

A limited number of litters is planned each year. Some puppies are available for sale while others will be owned and trained by Northwoods Bird Dogs.

Detailed below are three setter litters whelped in 2022. One male puppy from CH Snyder’s Pioneer Scout x Northwoods Cedar is available.

For 2023, setter litters are fully reserved. While female pointer puppies are fully reserved for 2023, there is some availability for male pointer puppies. Please contact us for more information.

Northwoods Sir Gordon x Northwoods Valencia Pedigree

Northwoods Sir Gordon is a whelped out of a three-time nick pairing RU-CH Erin’s Prometheus to Northwoods Carly Simon. Gordon is white with black ticks and an evenly masked black head. He is leggy and ruggedly built, weighing 54 lbs. in hunting condition. He is a powerful dog with a reaching gait and lofty carriage. His posture on point is majestic. Gordon was naturally staunch as a puppy—finding, pointing and standing to flush many coveys of wild bobwhite quail. He was steady to wing and shot on wild birds at 18 months of age. He placed first in the 32-dog Red Hills Invitational trial in 2019, the youngest dog in a field consisting of mostly pointers. He is hunted by his owner on grouse and woodcock and, in addition, has been worked on sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge. Gordon is among the best Northwoods has produced and his accurate location of game is among the best. He is a beloved house dog when with his owner.

Northwoods Valencia is a four-year-old daughter out of Northwoods Grits x Northwoods Carbon, a dam that carries some of the well-known Blue Chief traits through her sire Blue Riptide. Valencia has several body spots with a solid tricolor head. She is well conformed and weighs 40 lbs. in hunting condition. She is fast and classy in motion with beautiful posture when pointing and backing. Valencia has tremendous natural hunting instincts. She pointed and backed until flush on sharp-tailed grouse, ruffed grouse and woodcock at 10 months. She quickly learned to be steady to wing and shot on wild bobwhite quail at 13 months. Valencia is also a natural retriever and a great wild bird finder. Out of Carbon, she inherited incredible, loveable brown eyes and a wonderful sweetness in personality.

Valencia whelped four female puppies on May 31. All puppies are reserved.

CH Snyder’s Pioneer Scout x Northwoods Cedar Pedigree

Snyder’s Pioneer Scout is a mostly white dog with orange ticking, dark eyes and nose. He is ruggedly built and has ideal setter conformation—medium body length that is well-proportioned. Scout weighs a muscular 45 lbs. He is a strong bird-finder and won the 70-dog 2021 Michigan Woodcock Championship with seven woodcock finds in his hour. He finished the season second in the 2021/2022 Cover Dog points—beaten only by his sire, CH Ponderosa Mac. He is line-bred to CH Chip’s Torquatto through Chip’s winning daughter, CH Chip’s Little Spark, two dogs Jerry and Betsy frequently competed against in field trials.

Scout is owned by Steve Snyder and handled on the trial circuit by Scott Chaffee. Scout will be an exciting addition to the Northwoods’ line of setters.

Northwoods Cedar is white with black ticking, black eyes, nose and two black ears. She is a strong female and weighs 38 lbs. She has an easy, fluid gait, naturally backs and is intense on point. In the home, she is a happy and kind dog with warm, expressive eye; but in the field she is a single-focused, hard-driving, bird-finding machine. Cedar was a precocious pup, intently focused on finding birds from her very first encounters. In the first field trial ever for both Cedar and her owner/hander Lindsey Saetre, Cedar won the Reuel Henry Pietz Derby Classic.

Cedar is owned by Eric and Lindsey Saetre, two passionate hunters who, when not at field trials, travel extensively to hunt. Jerry and Betsy feel fortunate to whelp a litter by Cedar.

Cedar whelped five females and four males in early July. One male puppy is available.

Northwoods Louis Vuitton x Houston’s Dancing Queen Pedigree

Northwoods Louis Vuitton is solid-masked, square-headed and has ideal setter conformation—medium body length, well-proportioned and with long neck and legs. Louis weighs a muscular 51 lbs. He is line-bred to Houston through the foundation cross of Blue Shaquille to Houston’s Belle’s Choice. Louis displays the best of that lineage—long, smooth stride, lofty pointing posture and natural backing. When Louis is turned loose in the field he has one purpose – to find birds. And when he points, the birds are there. He also has the uncommon ability to make birds hold.

Louis is owned by Bill Heig of Bowen Lodge where he is a stalwart in the grouse guiding string. He has traveled, too, and pointed countless sharp-tailed grouse and Texas bobwhites. Louis exudes power, grace and endless desire to find birds. This will be Louis’ first litter.

Houston’s Dancing Queen is an evenly masked, tricolor dog with warm, expressive eyes. She is sturdily built and weighs 45 lbs. She has a strong, easy gait, an amazing desire to find game and naturally backs. Queen is lofty and beautiful both in motion and on point. Too, she runs well in warm conditions. She is happy and sweet natured and is well socialized with dogs and people. She is by CH Erin’s Hidden Shamrock x Hawthorn Patty. Queen is line-bred to CH Ridge Creek Cody and exhibits many of his desirable traits.

Queen spent two winters in Georgia with Jerry and Betsy where she was worked all season on wild bobwhite quail. She is owned by Dr. Paul Hauge and is a litter sister to Northwoods-owned Houston’s Nelly Bly. This will be Queen’s first litter.

Queen whelped eight females and two males in mid July. All puppies are reserved.

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