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How to install our SPIDER GUARD spider nets from Marine Clean. Order yours now at marinecleanok.com

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Boat Spidernetting | Spider Net Boat Protection | (888) 827-7789

Sper net boat protection is a revolutionary product to protect your boat from bothersome bugs, birds and their droppings.

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Date Published: 2/24/2022

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Spider Diaper – Shade Tree Fabrics

Sometimes known as “sper netting”, each Sper Diaper® is custom fabricated to your boat slip specifications. All our fabrics:.

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Source: www.shadetreefabrics.com

Date Published: 12/15/2022

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Lake Spider Netting Solves Lake Of The Ozarks Boaters …

Made from heavy-duty polypropylene material, the product is durable, maintenance-free, affordable, and can be customized to fit any dock.

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Source: www.lakeexpo.com

Date Published: 7/8/2021

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SPIDER GUARD spider nets- Marine Clean Texoma
SPIDER GUARD spider nets- Marine Clean Texoma

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Spider Net Boat Protection

Are you tired of having to scrub your boat every time you take your family out for a day on the water? Do you spend more time cleaning your boat than enjoying your boat? Do you spend more money on costly and dangerous chemicals than you do on sun screen and boat accessories?

Spider Net is a revolutionary product to protect your boat from bothersome bugs, birds and their droppings.

Suspended over your boat, Spider Net is a well constructed American Made product. Spider Net is made of a sturdy AAA Grade Polypropylene with heavyduty webbing and brass grommets.

Spider Diaper® – Shade Tree Fabrics

Eliminate Spider Droppings From Your Boat

If you’re a boat owner, you know how big a problem spider droppings can be. You wait all week to use your boat on the weekend, and when you arrive at the slip, you find your boat is covered in spider poop – so, before you even get to take your first ride, you’ve got to spend a couple hours cleaning your boat….every time you want to use it!

Shade Tree Fabrics’ woven polypropylene Spider Diapers® are the most effective, long-lasting and economical method for preventing spider droppings from fouling your boat’s finish.

Sometimes known as “spider netting”, each Spider Diaper® is custom fabricated to your boat slip specifications.

All our fabrics:

Are UV-stabilized

Have binding sewn on all edges to prevent unraveling

Use #2 brass grommets to resist corrosion

Are sewn with 100% UV-stabilized thread to prevent rotting.

Spider Diaper® is environmentally friendly – our polypropylene panels are inert and cause no damage to the eco-system, unlike toxic sprays that are often harmful, as well as illegal to use. Less-toxic sprays are relatively ineffective and require frequent re-application.

Check out the Spider Diaper® website for more info and installation photos.

Spend more time using your boat, and less time cleaning it!


Everyone’s boat slip is a little unique, but over the years we’ve learned that in most cases, the following installation hardware will prove useful:

Turnbuckles – 2

Cable Clamps – 12

6″ Eye bolts – 4

3/16″ Stainless steel cable – length depends on size of Spider Diaper®

These items should be available locally, but for your convenience, we have put together an installation package that includes all of the above as an option when ordering your Spider Diaper®.

And remember, the original Spider Diaper® is 100% made in the USA from start to finish – extruded yarns and threads, brass grommets, weaving and ultimate custom fabrication.

Click here to get a Spider Diaper® quote!

Marine Clean 903-487-8431

Are you fighting spider droppings and roof debris on your boat or boat slip?

These droppings from our eight-legged friends can stain your gel coat and cause costly repairs. Marine Clean’s custom spider net kits prevent spider droppings from staining your boat’s gel coat along with any other unwanted debris falling from your boathouse roof. Our method is superior to any in the industry with galvanized high-tension wire and hardware. Our spider nets are high-density polyethylene and secure with UV resistant heavy duty cable ties through brass grommets every foot. Our custom spider net kits and installation process is second to none in the industry.

Kit includes:

High-Density Polyethylene spider net spec measured to fit and stretch with grommets every foot

UV resistant heavy-duty cable ties

High-tension galvanized wire

Electro-galvanized spring snap links

Drop forged wire rope clips

Galvanized turnbuckle



Spider Dropping Tarp

Spider Shield

Protect your boat from spider droppings with our spider droppings tarps, Spider Shield.

ETP Sports uses woven polypropylene fabrics in the manufacture of our Spider Shields. They are customized for your application and are the most effective, enduring and economical method for preventing spider droppings from tainting your boat’s finish in your boat house. You can’t eliminate the spiders but you can prevent the spider pellets from staining your boat.

These “spider nets”, fabricated right here in our Mobile, AL plant. Each Spider Shield is custom fabricated to fit your boat slip specifications, while still being economical.

Our spider dropping tarp is easy to mount and will resist tearing.

Other applications for a spider drop tarp would be garages, warehouses, or other storage facilities.

Call us for your pricing and availability.

Spider Net Specification:

• Standard Features

• Galvanized cable wire and turn buckle (to make it as tight or loose as you like)

• 35 rope bungee with cannonball tie

• Expandable Webbing Loops for Poles

• Galvanized Turn Piece for Easy tension on wire

• Brass Grommets

All our fabrics:

• Are UV-stabilized

• Sealed Hems with webbing

• Use #2 brass grommets to resist corrosion and reinforced webbing hem

• Are sewn with 100% UV-stabilized thread to prevent rotting

“All products manufactured in the USA”

Dock Company

Dock Sun Shades are an ideal solution to protect your boat, personal watercraft, and most importantly, you from the suns harmful rays. We use a woven lath style fabric that is both durable and functional. They are a great solution for making your time at the lake much more enjoyable.

The high winds and choppy water the docks at the Lake of the Ozarks are subjected to make for some challenging conditions. Cheap roll up blinds tend to either be blown away or torn apart soon after installation. Our permanent mount solutions take the worry away and provide incredible protection against the sun. Sun fade on boats and watercraft cause expensive and ugly issues that are not easily fixed. Dock Sun Shades can stop the problems from happening in the first place.

The Lath fabric we use is made and woven in the U.S. The quality of both the stitching and the chemical process is tightly controlled and monitored. A special carbon black is formulated and mixed into the resin using a tightly controlled manufacturing process. In turn, the UV protection provided greatly exceeds cheaper foreign fabrics and provides the ultimate fade resistance. Our black lath looks good for years and holds up against direct sunlight far better than colored dye and common materials. Trying to use fabric that matches a roof color or other accessories on a dock often turns into an ugly situation as the colors fade at different rates.

Our lath shade cloth is also stronger and has been designed to let wind and rain pass through it. Unlike canvas type shades with wind notches cut into them, the unique design features alternating bands of dense 100% shade cloth with open bands for an overall shading factor of 80%. We feel this is the perfect combination of sun control while still allowing you to see through the fabric. You will see a marked decrease in temperature on your dock and will still be able to enjoy the incredible views.

All of our Sun Shades are custom fit to your dock. We use marine grade hardware to ensure years of trouble free use and provide fast and professional installation.

Feel free to contact us for a free on-site survey and quote at 573 684 8711.

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