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Who washed Washington’s white woolen – TranslationParty

Who washes Washington’s white underwear when a washing woman in Washington went to the west? Equilibrium found! You should move to Japan! HOT PARTIES.

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Who washed Washington’s white woolen underwear when …

Now that, my friends, is a pertinent question in today’s political landscape. I was surprised Present Obama dn’t address this issue in …

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Choral Warm-ups – DevelopingVoices

*Try singing the letters backwards once you’ve mastered the exercise. 2. Tongue-Twister: “Who Washed Washington’s White Woolen Underwear When …

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Who washed Washington’s white woolen … – Answers

Who washed Washington’s white woolen underwear when Washington’s washer woman went west? · Herbert Hoover · What is authoritarianism · Who was …

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Tongue Twister: “Who washed Washington’s white woolen …

Tongue Twister: “Who washed Washington’s white woolen underwear when Washington’s washerwoman went west?” Prof. Eduardo Martins 9 anos atrás Nenhum comentário …

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Who washed Washington's white woole underwear,Consonants,Building beautiful voices
Who washed Washington’s white woole underwear,Consonants,Building beautiful voices

주제에 대한 기사 평가 who washed washington’s white woolen underwear

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Who washed Washington’s white woolen


Who washes Washington’s white underwear when a washing woman in Washington went to the west?

Who washed Washington’s White Woolen Underwear?

When Washington’s Washerwoman, went West?

That’s the eternal question. Who washes their unmentionables – and also how, with what, and how often.

We’re tackling a big topic here today: lingerie care, and are lucky to have some input from Katie and Lauren – two garment care pros on our staff.

First off: how often should you launder your lingerie?

K: I wash every couple of wears (3-4 on the outside, usually 2-3). I wash my bottoms after every wear.

L: Depends on the item. With panties, its always after every use. Bras, I try to wash after 3 to 5 uses. It depends on the time of year (Summer I was more frequent than Winter due to sweat & heat). With kimono, robes, nighties, etc, I do on a case by case basis. I try to balance the need for clean with washing as little as possible.

Big topic: Handwash vs Machine (delicate cycle). Where do you stand?

K: Hand wash – no contest. The delicate cycle on your machine isn’t smart enough to know when your bra gets tangled, and still utilizes more aggressive and longer agitation than your lingerie needs! I’ve actually found hand washing to me more efficient and convenient that laundering in the washing machine. I rarely spend more than 5 minutes on a “load” of handwashing.

L: Handwash handwash handwash!!! The only things I will put in lingerie bags in the delicate cycle are panties that are not silk or lace. But I pre-treat & scrub everything prior. I also have been known to pay the extra $$ and dry clean pieces like kimonos & silk or synthetic robes that have lace. I have a cream silk robe that has black lace trim, and because of the fear of dye transfer, I always dry clean it once or twice a year. Handwash is so important, particularly with lace. I knew someone who made the huge mistake of machine washing a 1930s silk & lace gown as well as a Carine Gilson camisole. Lets just say it didn’t go well.

What products can make doing the dreaded handwash easier?

L: Handwashing shouldn’t be dreaded. To be quite honest, its easier and once you get the hang of it, you will never do a machine wash again. I pick one day a week (a day I am not working). Buy a good detergent (the laundress and soak are great. I use both as well as Le Blanc fragrance free). Just like when washing in the machine, separate darks and lights. Don’t mix reds and whites. Fill the tub up with cool water & detergent per the makers instructions. Then let lingerie soak! The trick is developing a system and “assembly line”. Once that is developed, then it’s easy.

K: Use something you like! If you’re thinking that handwashing is a terrible chore (which it is not), then pick a wash you love the scent of or find a beautiful bowl to soak in. I bounce around on the specific products I use but always choose a lightly scented, biodegradable detergent. Soak is a great option as it is safe for the environment and doesn’t require extra rinsing – there’s even a fragrance free version for very sensitive skin.

Is hand-washing really better for the environment? Do things really get clean?

K: Yes and Yes!

In order for a washing machine to clean effectively you need LOTS of water, and in a delicates load even more so. I estimate in a average hand washing I use about 5 gallons of water and wash a weeks worth of undies, 2 bras, a few pads, and sometimes wool socks etc. Running the washer for these items would use more like 30-40 gallons.

It’s important to feel like your underthings are clean. To make sure mine are always a joy to put on I soak everything in the detergent/cool water solution for…until I forget they’re in there and remember again…but at least 15 minutes, then agitate with my hand for a minute or so, pulling out any stained items and treating them individually. Finally, I dump the water, and refill with fresh giving everything a final rinse and hang over a towel rod to dry.

L: Yes, it is better for the environment and yes, it cleans things well. And, if someone really wants to do the environment a bigger service, find detergents that are fragrance free. Its one less chemical added to the world. As well, it consumes less water.

Panties – different guidelines?

K: They go right in my sink! I have been known to toss them in the washer in a pinch as my panties fall in the *very* utilitarian category (use a delicates bag PLEASE). But I truly find handwashing more convenient so that is often what I do – just the same as my bras. If your undies are lace, mesh, embroidered or embellished they should always be hand washed.

L: Yes. I pre-treat all my panties. As time consuming as this may seem, I pre-treat and gently scrub the cotton crotch area before soaking. Even in the machine, this area doesn’t clean as well without the pre treat. Its another reason why hand wash gets it just as clean, if not more so than a machine.

Stains – My favorite bra is now discolored – can I do anything about it?

L: If it is a white/cream/pale tan bra that has darkened, I would suggest a detergent like “Restoration” that has the benefit of Oxyclean but without the actual harsh detergents. I suggest using it only once. It works great though. If it is an issue with the bra lightening, I would suggest having a little fun and finding a textile dye and dying it another color. As long as it is structurally sound, you should not throw it away.

I use those reusable pads (or panties built for periods) – what’s the best way to maximize their lifespan so I really get my money’s worth out of them?

K: Yay! Saving the world one period at a time! I treat my pads in much the same way as described above with more major exception – a pre soak. For pads that are heavily blood stained rinse thoroughly in COLD water and soak over night in an “oxyclean” type solution. Then you can hand wash as normal. It can be a big deal to be that up close and personal with your body, but you’ll get used to it and maybe even find some joy in the process – and no, it doesn’t smell.

Extra Tip: If you are using pads or period panties for incontinence swap a vinegar and gentle detergent solution for the “oxyclean” and I don’t find a presoak is required.

Any other hot tips for how to get the most out of my lingerie collection?

L: Treat it kindly as you would the best items in your outerwear wardrobe. They are just as important as the dress or outfit you are wearing over that lingerie. Also, if you are buying a matching set, buy 2 sets of the panties, if possible.

K: Honestly, just love on it! Treat your lingerie with the same care you do other treasured items and they will return the favor by fitting well and feeling beautiful for longer.

Thanks for your help ladies! Hope this makes laundry less a chore, and more an investment into your future (and current) lingerie happiness level.

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Choral Warm-ups – DevelopingVoices

You’re a month into teaching your choir students. You have established your classroom routine and are in the thick of learning concert music. You are encouraged by their progress, but you sense that your students are about to hit a late-September wall. So how do you keep building fundamental singing technique without losing student engagement? Try a new routine as you continue to build technique.

Choral Training instead of Warm-ups

By the time my middle school students arrive to choir, many of them have been talking, laughing—and sometimes yelling—since they got on the bus that morning. It’s safe to say their voices are “warmed up.” (If you need confirmation, just ask their core subject teachers!) I find this is a good time to ditch traditional “warm ups” and replace them with some choral training exercises. After some light stretching and breathing exercises, 5-7 minutes of choral training can be a great way to reinforce healthy singing and work on a skill pertinent to your concert rep. For example, my students recently sang the National Anthem before a baseball game. The beginning word is “Oh,” and the kids were struggling to shape their “Oh” vowel as a tall and open “ɔ.” To work on this, we sang a descending arpeggio alternating “ɔ” and “ɒ”.* The goal was to minimize jaw movement, lift the soft palate, and reinforce proper shaping of the vowel. When we transitioned into our song repertoire, the muscle memory was fresh, and I could refer back to our training exercise as needed. Arpeggios, tongue twisters, and rounds can all be used to reinforce various techniques.

*To take this exercise a step further, we sing “no” on the same arpeggio, but still focus on shaping the vowel to be taller and lifted. We slowly and smoothly move our heads in a “no” motion while singing to eliminate tension through the back and neck.

Other Tongue Twisters and Rounds

Lighten the mood in your classroom by singing something challenging or silly—and build technique in the process!

1. Alphabet arpeggio: Work for quick consonants, long vowels, round space, and smooth transitions between letters.

*Try singing the letters backwards once you’ve mastered the exercise.

2. Tongue-Twister: “Who Washed Washington’s White Woolen Underwear When Washington’s Washerwomen Went West”. Use this one to work on chewy “Ws”—use consistent breath to sing with energy on one consistent note.

3. “One Bottle O’ Pop”: Round: Emphasize singing on the vowel with quick consonants. In meters of three, check out the music here:


4. “COFFEE” Round: Use to reinforce unified vowels and explore phrasing.

From the King Singer’s Book of Rounds, Canons, and Partsongs-Hal Leonard Corporation

Have a toolbox and use it

I keep a basket full of random toys, capes, masks, and other silly things that I pull out once a week (sometimes more) to keep students engaged, provide visual aid, and teach about technique. Here are a few of my go-to tools:

I use the football two ways. First, I’ll have the students throw the football back and forth to me and make glissandos with lifted palates as they throw. When we throw a ball, we are taught to “follow through” after the ball is released. Similarly, when we sing, we must “follow through” with air and energy.

Second, I use the football to help demonstrate the optimal shape we’re trying to achieve with our vowel (Image B). To make it fun, I rotate the ball from horizontal (Image A) to vertical (Image B) and back again while students sing. It’s okay to let students experiment singing with good and bad technique so they can hear—and feel—the difference.

The Hoberman sphere, like the football, has a variety of applications. I use it most often to teach consistent airflow and gradual dynamic changes. As the choir sings, I slowly expand and contract the Hoberman sphere. The students react and gradually crescendo and decrescendo accordingly. By varying the speed at which I open and close the sphere, students learn that they must use a strong and steady airflow in order to keep up—they also think it’s hilarious to really exaggerate the changes. Allow students to “conduct” with the Hoberman sphere for extra fun!

Chocolate kiss

I tell my students to imagine they have a chocolate kiss on their tongue but they don’t want the pointed end to touch the roof of their mouth. This helps them to feel a lifted soft palate. We imagine having that chocolate kiss for a few days in class and then if they seem to be grasping the concept, I bring in real chocolate kisses. The students get to place them on their tongues for a few seconds to remember that lifted soft palate sensation and then they can eat it. We never try to sing with the chocolate in our mouths.

Finally, I encourage teachers to read Gadgets for Great Singing by Christy Elsner. I use many of her tips and tricks in the classroom. All are fun and engaging for middle school students, and could be applied at the high school level as well.

Have fun shaking things up in your classroom while continuing to develop good technique.

Developing Voices author Jennifer Berroth is Choral Director at Leawood Middle School in Kansas and also serves as Associate Music Director of Lee’s Summit Summer Singers with The William Baker Choral Foundation.

[email protected]

Who washed Washington’s white woolen underwear when Washington’s washer woman went west?

What are some middle ages clothing?

Woolen clothing with undergarments made of linen. Usually it was cut in the Roman style and the nobles wore brighter colors and better materials. Peasant clothing were sleevless tunics and wimples for women. Sheepskin cloaks and woolen hats with mittens. Leather boots were covered with wooden patens to keep the feet dry. Outer clothing was almost never washed, but linen underwear was washed. The smell of wood smoke was on everything and seemed to act as a deodorant. Peasant women spun wool into threads that were woven into cloth for the garments.

Tongue Twister: “Who washed Washington’s white woolen underwear when Washington’s washerwoman went west?” – Entenda inglês

Consultor em idiomas & especialista em Etimologia de línguas ocidentais. • Além do Speak, dá dicas de espanhol no Habla e de português no Fala. • Instagram • Facebook

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